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Friday, September 16, 2011

6 more shows added

Added six more shows to the 2000 bootleg page this morning. Up to show #18 for the Binaural tour and this update includes, what I consider, two of the best bootlegs from the 2000 series. Katowice, Poland June 15th and 16th. Both great sets and very well performed. June 16th is probably considered one of the best shows in the bands history.

Enjoy the shows! Lot's more on the way for this tour. One of my favorite sets of bootlegs to listen too.


The Red Mosquito said...

I had the Katowice shows on CD years ago and they somehow got lost when I moved. I always loved this show, thanks for the link.

Andy said...

You're welcome. I love both of those shows. Still listen to them often.

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