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Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Brother!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's a wave... building before it breaks

It's the excitement that can come only from the pending release of a new Pearl Jam album. It's the anticipation of cracking open that CD (pre-ordered from the 10 club weeks and weeks ago) and swiftly slipping it into the CD player for the first listen. It's trying desperately NOT to listen to all the little snippets of the songs available on Youtube as only the full tracks will quench the thirst now being endured by this Pearl Jam junky. It's waiting ever so patiently to find the vinyl version at my door step (yes they still make those round black things and yes people DO still listen to them) and seeing the artwork in all its gigantic glory. It's just pure child like excitement that I don't expect anyone else to really understand.

This has added to my excitement...

Hearing that little piece of "Just Breathe" in that video just about does me in. I need to hear that really, really soon!! This just seems like it's going to so different from their previous few releases. Just based on the first single "The Fixer" and some of this video footage they just seem much more optimistic and well... happy.

Also, that footage of them throwing axes is just priceless. When we went to the Vedder show back in June at the Tower he told a little story about how he was teaching his daughters to throw axes. I thought he was kidding... guess not :)

"The Fixer" video:

So for me the waiting is driving me mad but, I have a feeling this one will be worth the wait. And then of course the anticipation for the Philly shows in October will begin to build. And then there will be the bootlegs to listen too. The later part of '09 certainly looks good for a Pearl Jam fan. Here's to having things to look forward to!