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Friday, February 29, 2008

Charleston 1996!!

The 1996 bootleg section has been update with the 10/5 show in Charleston, South Carolina!! Have I mentioned I fucking love No Code!! "Present Tense" and "In My Tree" in the same show and with Jack Irons on drums. The only thing that could make it better is throwing "Who You Are" in the mix. Enjoy the show!!
attendance: 9,000
support act: The Fastbacks
soundcheck: In My Tree, Off He Goes, Mankind
set: Sometimes, Last Exit, Animal, Go, Hail Hail, Dissident, In My Tree, Corduroy, Better Man, Not for You, Jeremy, Black, State of Love and Trust, Habit, Rearviewmirror, Elderly Woman, Alive, Blood/(Fame)
enc: Present Tense, Even Flow, Daughter, Improv, Off He Goes, Mankind, Whipping, Footsteps, Yellow Ledbetter
notes: The venue is smallish; the crowd and staff are kind and not killing each other here. PJ takes a while to warm up, not really smoking until midway into the show. During a pause near the end of 'Not for You,' Ed asks, "How we doin' so far?" (crowd cheers) "You don't seem so bad yourself." A rocking 'State' is intro'ed as "... a little number by request." During 'Habit,' Ed pauses, looks out and says, "Speaking as an individual in a band who has never been in this town before." Taking a break after 'Go,' Ed jokes about how when he was a kid he always thought seeing bands on the last night of a tour was great because they would be happy the tour is over and they would be "... drinking and dancing in the street, and they're playing really loud and it's gonna be a four-hour show ..." etc.; but he says that really the second to the last show is the best, and the crowd goes wild! With Ed's voice showing fatigue, he enlists audience assistance ("Want you ... HELP ME! ... in my ... rearviewmirror"). 'Present Tense' is explained as a song that Mike wrote great music for and Ed, when coming up with lyrics, "... needed anything ... anything to make me think. Just a starting point ... so I thought of Pete Townshend. I took his initials and this one is called 'Present Tense.'" Ed plays a brief improv (?) after 'Daughter,' about taking a drive to South Carolina and picking up his best friend.
(2,424k) --> 'Whipping' is dedicated to the crazy people in the front. The audience selects the next song via an "experiment in voting in November." The choices are 'Leash' ("kinda Bob Dole"), 'Leaving Here' (kinda Ross Perot) or 'Footsteps' ("that would be Bill Clinton"). 'Footsteps' is played. Ed's final comments are, "I don't know if it's easy to like this band, but we sure appreciate the fact that you do."

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Lubbock 2000!!

The 2000 bootleg section has been updated with the 10/18 show in Lubbock, Texas!! This is really solid show and sounds great as do all of the 2000 North American bootlegs! Probably the sounding set of bootlegs released by the band. If you've seen the Touring Band 2000 DVD this is the show which that version of "Parting Ways" is from. Such an emotional song. Enjoy the show!
attendance: 15,000
support act: Supergrass
set: Interstellar Overdrive/Corduroy, Breakerfall, MFC, God's Dice, Animal, Dissident, Nothing As It Seems, Given To Fly, In Hiding, Lukin, Not For You, Daughter/?, Elderly Woman, Do The Evolution, Even Flow, Parting Ways
enc 1: Hail Hail, Everyday [Buddy Holly!!], Insignificance, Black, Better Man/(Save It For Later), Crazy Mary, Porch
enc 2: Fuckin' Up, Yellow Ledbetter
notes: Numerous small town type references from Ed, the best of which is the nod to Lubbock native Buddy Holly with his cover of 'Everyday.' He also made several mentions of how much he likes being away from the "industrial pollution" of the big cities and how he's happy to be somewhere with tumbleweeds. Someone tosses a white Texas Tech cowboy hat up and Mike wears it for a while. Ed wears a cowboy hat a bit also, and Stone also dons one during 'Black,' keeping it on until the end of the show (quite the fashion statement with the plaid pants) ;). 'Crazy Mary' is introduced as "There's got to be someone in Lubbock like this." 'Porch' is the only song that really features a full-fledged jam session. A fan (Jamie) is brought up onstage during the 'YL' solo, Ed dances with her, sits her on his monitor, takes a polaroid, then they watch Mike close the show out together and Ed gives her a photo and his bottle of wine.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

2004 Update!

The 2004 bootleg section has been updated with the 9/24/04 performance at The Showbox in Seattle!! This was part of the No Vote Left Behind music and arts festival and somewhat of a warm up gig for the Vote For Change tour! Nice setlist and a solid performance in my opinion. Some very good covers including "The American in Me" by The Avengers, "The Seeker" by The Who, and "Masters of War" by Bob Dylan!! Enjoy the show!
attendance: sold out
support act: Smoosh
Ed's pre-set: Don't Be Shy (Included in download)
electric set: Last Exit, Save You, Hail Hail, 1/2 Full, Do The Evolution, The American In Me, Grievance, Love Boat Captain, Insignificance, Given to Fly, U, Go
enc 1 (acoustic): Elderly Woman, Footsteps, Man Of The Hour, Masters Of War, Crazy Mary
enc 2: Even Flow, The Seeker, Down, The New World
notes: PJ's contribution to the No Vote Left Behind music and art festival (with the goal of motivating the youth vote in November to vote out Bush) is this club show at The Showbox. Ed opens with a preset song, 'Don't Be Shy' [a Cat Stevens' song and a nod to the Muslim's (now known as Yusuf Islam) recent skirmish with U.S. officials as a result of his name being on a no-fly list for suspected terrorists]. Ed introduces "two future voters of America," the preteen sister duo Smoosh (Asya and Chloe) who entertain the crowd with a brief set. Rep. Jim McDermott (Washington democrat) provides an introduction for Pearl Jam saying, "If voting becomes the 'in' thing, my generation will be freaked out." Pearl Jam take the stage for an electric set and Boom is there on keyboards. Stone is particularly animated and at one point, his glasses fly off and Ed accidentally steps on them, breaking them! Ed says something to the effect of "this may effect the rest of the gig tonight," and Stone then does a modified duck walk in circles, acting as if he can't see anything, making a funny, cross-eyed face and playing a bunch of disturbingly out of tune riffs. Ed starts laughing (as everyone was) and teases him about how "maybe the show will actually sound better now" or, remarking to the noise from Stone's guitar, "that actually soundsbetter." 'The American In Me' is a song by The Avengers, a California punk band. Returning for an acoustic set, Ed jokes, "We're going to do this next bit sitting down ... not because we're old, because you're old." Dylan's 'Masters Of War' is a slower version featuring the whole band. During Boom's 'Crazy Mary' solo, Mike is near his the back, playing rhythm with his eyes closed and his head back. Boom is going crazy, but the solo went on and on and Boom is looking like he's dying and Mike can jump in any time. Ed walks across the stage, hollers at Mike several times (finally from two feet away) and snaps him out of his trance, Mike looks at Boom and immediately transitions into his solo with Ed and Stone laughing. The encore is electric again, opening with 'Even Flow' and followed by 'The Seeker' (by The Who). Infrequently performed 'Down' is dedicated to Howard Zinn. Introduced as an American hero, John Doe (X) makes a surprise appearance, performing X's 'The New World' with PJ and explaining how it was written when Ronald Reagan was president and Doe references Reagan as "the devil himself." Very little chat at this show, political or otherwise.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

1996 Update!!

The 1996 bootleg section has been updated with both Randall's Island shows!! I have had these in MP3 format for a while and finally found an active torrent with the FLAC files the other day. These are some great shows!! Particularly the almost three hour long marathon 9/29/96 performance. Two Feet Thick notes are below. Enjoy!!

09/28/96 - Downing Stadium (Randall's Island): New York, NY [115m]
attendance: 30,000
support act: Ben Harper, The Fastbacks
set: Last Exit, Hail Hail, Animal, Spin the Black Circle, Red Mosquito, In My Tree, Lukin, Not for You, Better Man/(Save it for Later), Corduroy, Jeremy, Dissident, State of Love and Trust, Black, Habit, Rearviewmirror, Alive, Blood/(Noise of Carpet)
enc 1: Who You Are, Even Flow, Daughter/I Believe in Miracles/WMA, Whipping, Leaving Here, Indifference
notes: Despite the torrential downpour, Blues Traveler's John Popper jams with Mike during 'Even Flow.' (Ed gives John a big hug and a handshake at the end.) 'Whipping' is paused very briefly in the middle because someone seems to be hurt or fighting. Ed says, "Is that all?" and with a quick "1, 2, 3, 4," the song resumes right where they left off. Prior to 'Indifference," Ed comments on how it seems to him from letters the band gets, the things they read and people they've met, that lots of people are meeting each other through PJ's music. He adds, "To me, that's the best part of this whole thing and I'm honored to be a part of it." (so true ... and very cool to have it acknowledged)

09/29/96 - Downing Stadium (Randall's Island): New York, NY [168m]
attendance: 30,000
support act: Ben Harper, The Fastbacks
set: Sometimes, Go, Spin the Black Circle, Hail Hail, Animal, Tremor Christ, Who You Are, Corduroy, Lukin, Better Man, Not for You, Jeremy (new), Once, Rats, Last Exit, Habit, Rearviewmirror, Immortality, Whipping, I Got Shit, Black, Alive, Porch
enc 1: In My Tree, Even Flow, Daughter/(The Real Me)/(ABitW)/(WMA), Mankind, Long Road, Leaving Here
enc 2: Off He Goes, Present Tense, Yellow Ledbetter
notes: A nearly three-hour show with a raging pit. The band stops playing several times in an effort to get the crowd to settle down. During 'Porch,' Ed duct-tapes his *entire* body and jumps into the pit. (Thought we'd never see that again!) Just before the first encore, someone throws an "Eddie Vedder for President" t-shirt up on stage. Ed looks at it and says, "Well I'll tell you the truth ... I smoke pot! I didn't exhale though!" Stone asks for a chant of "Stone, Stone, Stone!" before singing 'Mankind.' During the encore, Mike starts playing 'Yellow Ledbetter' after 'Leaving Here,' Ed stops him and they go into 'Off He Goes' followed by 'Present Tense!' Incredible setlist.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cleveland '98!!

The 1998 bootleg section has been updated with the 8/26/1998 show in Cleveland, OH!! The notes and setlist are below. Enjoy the show!!
attendance: 18,445
support act: Iggy Pop
soundcheck: Black Diamond [KISS song], Noise of Carpet (the whole song), Leatherman, Off He Goes, Red Mosquito (with Ed on harmonica at the end)
set: Hail Hail, Animal, Given to Fly, Corduroy, MFC, Immortality, Footsteps, Even Flow, Jeremy, In Hiding, Daughter/(My City Was Gone)/(WMA), Brain of J, Rearviewmirror, Better Man, Wishlist, Alive
enc 1: Elderly Woman, Do the Evolution, Leatherman, Black, Baba O'Riley
enc 2: Yellow Ledbetter
notes: Ed starts the show by arriving onstage via skateboard. 'Immortality' is renamed by people at the show as "Matt Fuckin' Cameron" due to his stellar work on this number. Ed notes, "... we're on our way to Philadelphia tomorrow ... and we haven't played there in a long time. We're going to have to get out of here early to be sure we get there in time ... it's a long drive." The crowd boos and Ed laughs and continues, "I'm just fuckin' with you. You like to be fucked with, right?" 'My City Was Gone' is by the Pretenders, who are from Ohio (Akron to be precise), and is a song about Cleveland. After 'Black,' Ed mentions that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is in Cleveland: "Earlier this evening, I know you've got a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame...we drove by it, I don't know who runs the place, but...those people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones..." Jeff interrupts, saying: "And where's the fucking Iggy exhibit, goddamn it!" Ed chuckles: "So what I was gonna say, was, it's right by the airport, but we're a lot closer tonight, having Iggy Pop here, standing right here ... let's just say next time we play here, it could be a year, maybe two...we hope, if it happens... if Iggy's not in yet, after the show, we're all gonna go down there and blow the place up...speaking of the hall of fame [he holds up a sign saying 'Baba'] - the WHO!" and the band busts into 'Baba O'Riley.' [The Stooges, Iggy's first band, were recently nominated to the HOF, but did not get in.] 'Wishlist' ends with the "radio song" verse, but instead of saying "I guess it never stops" he says "I guess it has to stop". Jeff comes out for 'Yellow Ledbetter' wearing a Cleveland Cavaliers jersey with Shawn Kemp's name and uniform number on the back.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Birmingham 1998

Back with another update to the 1998 bootleg section. This one is also from the third leg of that wonderful Yield tour!! From the Two Feet Thick notes below seems like a pretty intense performance from Ed and the boys on this night! Enjoy the show!
09/03/98 - Birmingham-Jefferson Coliseum: Birmingham, AL [117m]
attendance: 19,000
support act: Mudhoney
set: Release, Hail Hail, Animal, Given to Fly, (Dueling Banjos), Corduroy, Immortality, Wishlist, Go, Daughter/(Androgynous Mind)/(Stuff and Nonsense), Footsteps, Even Flow, Jeremy, Faithfull, Brain of J, Better Man, Rearviewmirror, Porch
enc: Elderly Woman, Leatherman, Do the Evolution, Alive, Black, Baba O'Riley
notes: During 'Hail Hail,' Jeff has his eyes closed the whole time, grooving. Mike hits his stride during 'Corduroy.' 'Immortality' lasts forever with the strobe light; on 'Go' - Ed can DANCE! Ed sings "I wish I could tell my friends how much I really care" during 'Wishlist.' In 'Daughter' he starts howling and barking before going into the tag. "We wrote this this morning" before 'Even Flow'. Ed changes the lyrics to "I gather speed from me fucking with you" during 'RVM,' with the strobe lights crazy, Ed dancing with his arms going in a million directions, Mike putting the guitar behind his head, Ed breaking the mic stand. The start of 'Porch' is botched; Ed quits singing until Stone catches the rhythm. Ed jumps into the crowd during Mike's solo during 'Porch,' tripping over one of the monitors climbing back onto the stage. At the beginning of the encore, Ed comes out, pumped and jumps over the amp beside Matt's drum kit. With no music and the crowd screaming, he does a little step like 1,2 cha cha cha, looks at the crowd and says, "What am I doing?" and starts laughing, repeating "What the fuck am I doing?" :) During 'Alive,' Jeff plays to Stone, Mike's on fire, Ed runs all the way around the stage. Ed gets a lot of feedback through his mic during 'Black' (the third time it had happened) and gets mad, going over to the soundboard and shoves his finger in the air, yelling ... later and smiling at him. The band all has on big silver sunglasses (and really big smiles) during 'Baba O'Riley.' A fan makes it onto the stage from behind and is dragged down by several rough security staffers after nearly pulling down one of the candles. Ed ends it with a huge Daltrey mic-swing, finally tossing his mic over the lighting rig and leaving it hanging there as the band leaves the stage.

Friday, February 8, 2008

First Show of 2008 announced!!

This is from the www.pearljam.com website. Hopefully the boys will decide to do a few more shows this year but at least we have some news of a show. I'm really hoping for they make another trip to the Spectrum in Philadelphia before they tear that bitch down. 4/28/2003 was one of the best shows I've ever seen. Check out the bootleg if you haven't already. It's available in the 2003 section. Here's the word for Bonnaroo!!

Pearl Jam has officially confirmed they will perform at the 2008 Bonnaroo Music Festival. The 4-day music festival will be held on June 12-15th in Manchester, Tennessee. Tickets go on sale February 16th at 12:00pm EDT, through bonnaroo.com.

Pearl Jam, Metallica, Jack Johnson, Kanye West, Alison Krauss & Robert Plant, My Morning Jacket, Willie Nelson, Phil Lesh & Friends, B.B King, Sigur Ros, The Raconteurs, and Death Cab For Cutie are among the confirmed acts for the festival. A full line-up and more information about the festival can be found at bonnaroo.com.

As a unique, unprecedented offer to festival fans, Bonnaroo is presenting the option to purchase a commemorative DVD of the 2008 festival at the time of ticket purchase. The DVD will feature exclusive performances and backstage footage, as well as other festival highlights. Visit the official festival website www.bonnaroo.com for more information.

There are no Ten Club tickets for the festival. Tickets for the festival will only be available through bonnaroo.com beginning February 16th at 12:00pm EDT.

Looks like a pretty kickass lineup!! Pearl Jam and Metallica in one place is totally insane! Probably the two best live acts on the planet right now. I haven't seen Metallica for about 10 years and I know there last album sucked dog nuts but they put on a killer show!! To those that are planning to go... enjoy!

More bootlegs coming soon!!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

1993 Update!

Reaching deep back into the vault for this 1993 bootleg section update. This is a unique little set that includes "Throw Your Arms Around" and also Dave A. apparently passed out so they had to play a few songs minus the drums! Enjoy the show!!

support act: Urge Overkillset: Daughter, Glorified G, Why Go, Deep, Take Me, Even Flow, Go, Animal, Alone, Sonic Reducer/?/Garden, Jeremy, Blood, Alive, Yellow Ledbetter, Footsteps, Throw Your Arms Around Me, Rockin' in the Free World
notes: Unusual opening with 'Daughter.' A smoking 'Sonic Reducer.' Dave collapses after 'Alive' so the pace slows down and PJ performs 'Yellow Ledbetter' and 'Footsteps' sans drums. Blackie Onassis, Urge Overkill's drummer, joins PJ for 'RitFW.'