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Friday, December 21, 2007

1994 Update!!

The 1994 bootleg section has been updated with the 4/12 show at the Orpheum Theater in Boston, Mass. This was third of three shows in Boston that year! As usual those fuckers up there are very lucky when it comes to legendary PJ performances! The Two Feet Thick notes are below. Enjoy and visit again soon! More from 1998 on the way shortly!!

04/12/94 - Orpheum Theater: Boston, MA [130]
set: Oceans, Even Flow, Sonic Reducer, State of Love and Trust, Hard to Imagine, Immortality/(Hey Hey, My My), Go, Animal, Glorified G, Daughter/(Suck You Dry), Alone, Not for You, Better Man, Rats, Blood
enc: Release, Tremor Christ, Once, Fuckin' Up, Dirty Frank, Yellow Ledbetter, instrumental jam, Rearviewmirror, Elderly Woman, I've Got a Feeling/jam
notes: The crew created this setlist, full of new songs and b-sides. Mark Arm joins PJ for 'Sonic Reducer.' Standout version of 'Immortality.' Ed's comments: "This is the second to the last night of this fucking tour. Play New York and we are going home. We would like to thank our crew, speaking of 'Rats.' You should also thank the one who made the setlist tonight, cause somebody else made it. This is a fucking awesome place you live in. Lots of history. It is definitely one of the places I want to live." Mike pretends to hide during the appropriate 'Dirty Frank' lyrics. Having a rather cheerful night, Ed quips, "I really shouldn't let you all see me this happy ... people might expect it all the time." During the extended (20+ min.?) 'I've Got a Feeling' jam, Ed lifts a young female attendee from the crowd and puts her on his shoulders, dances a bit and returns her to her seat, giving her some roses.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

1998 Bootleg Update

The 1998 bootleg section has been updated this morning with the 9/19/1998 Voters For Choice show in Washington, DC. A fabulous concert with a cause! I can't say much more than the Two Feet Thick notes below but this definately one of the must have shows for any collector out there. Hope you enjoy the show! Much more coming to In The Present Tense!
set: I Am a Patriot (before Hovercraft); Long Road, Act of Love, Hail Hail, Dissident, Given to Fly, Corduroy, Wishlist, Not for You, All Those Yesterdays, Daughter/(Roc kin' in the Free World)/(WMA), Whipping, Immortality, Push Me Pull Me, Faithfull, Present Tense, Rearviewmirror, Black, Do the Evolution
enc 1: I Got Shit, Better Man, Alive, Soldier of Love
enc 2: Yellow Ledbetter
notes: Ed says, "Hi, it feels like we're in the White House ... we haven't played a place with carpet in a while; I think this place is the last bastion of sanity in town. Music is the choice; we're here tonight, you're gonna hear words and entertainment, not in any particular order; Hovercraft's gonna come out (applause ... someone shouts 'Ed for President') ... It's not gonna happen, unless you agree to release the tapes that say, 'Ed was sitting in his hotel room smoking pot out of a bong (applause)" and he goes into 'I Am a Patriot.' Several speakers follow from Voters For Choice, and then Gloria Steinem speaks: "I pledge to you that I will go to jail before I tell Ken Starr anything that goes on here tonight ... These guys live their beliefs; they're smart and good-hearted; they use their heads and their minds, they started out, they had tough times, but they weren't broken by them, and it's rare that any other group that they've remained themselves with their success ... they look after their true selves and your true selves" and then she introduces the band, making mistakes on Stone and Mike's names. =) The band comes out and Ed says, "You know why we're here; we'll talk later." During 'Not for You,' Ed comments: "We want to dedicate this next set of lines to the CC" before the "all that's sacred line" (referring to the Christian Coalition, who are meeting in DC this week). Ed's delivery during 'All Those Yesterdays' is particularly notable and distinct. 'Push Me Pull Me' is a little rough, and Ed shrugs at the end, and then says, "This one we'll do better ..." leading to 'Faithfull.' Somebody passes up a big sign, and he reads it: "Dear PJ: word up, dogs ... you guys fucking kick it. Look us up when you're back in DC, we're in the book; Bill, Hillary and Chelsea." (That was not what the sign really said =)). And then in a Clinton voice, Ed says, "He just needs to go on TV and say, 'Shoot, it's no big deal'...but I guess he already did that a couple of weeks ago." Someone shouts "I love you Eddie," and he replies, "Watch it, keep it consensual ... this isn't about issues." Then someone yells, "I love PJ" and Ed says, "Well, so do I ... this just is bipartisan politics in motion, that's what's ruining the country, ruining the office of the President ... people are playing king of the hill while there's people with lives, families, debts and injury who really need help," before starting 'Present Tense.' Mike's solo during 'Black' is right on, and Ed applauds him, and notes him when the song is over. "The last time we played here was with L7 and Young Neil ... he gave me a song writing lesson at a half-price rate; this is what I came up with ... on my final, he gave me a B+ I think" leading to 'I Got Shit.' Mike sings with Ed during 'Better Man' during the "she dreams in color" line! Ed has a bunch of VFC condoms inside his tambourine and starts handing them out toward the end of 'Alive.' Ed thanks the VFC people, "They're not up there to lead any one astray; don't let the funny business down the street think that voting isn't worth it. Vote for what you believe." 'Soldier of Love' is dedicated to "people on the other side of the issue." Gloria comes out with roses before 'YL,' and says, "There's history here tonight; this is the first time Hovercraft has played Voters for Choice; Pearl Jam's third; Sadie 7 is really Beth Liebling, Ed Vedder is Ed Vedder; these are two artists, married to each other, here tonight, both for this cause, and dedicating their time. I want to thank Stone and Mike for not getting pissed at me for messing up their names. I don't know if I can get Beth out here .. (the audience chants 'Beth, Beth') ... this is the crew's bread and butter, I want to thank them for donating their time tonight." Then Beth comes out, takes a rose, she and Ed do a little dance; Beth leaves, and Gloria says, "Democracy comes to those who vote," and the band goes into 'YL.'

Saturday, December 15, 2007

1994 Update

The 1994 bootleg section has been updated with the 3/20 show in Ann Arbor, Michigan!! Enjoy!

03/20/94 - Crisler Arena: Ann Arbor, MI [115m]
attendance: 8,000
set: Jeremy, Go, Animal, Dissident, Even Flow, Glorified G, Daughter/Improv/WMA, Breath, State of Love and Trust, Last Exit, Garden, Why Go, Deep, Alive, Porch
enc: Nothingman, Three Little Birds, Yellow Ledbetter, Black, Rearviewmirror, Not for You, Blood, Indifference
notes: PJ required that 2,000 tickets be set aside for students. A fun show, with the band playing "Name That Tune" with the audience. To "keep each show different," PJ encores with a "few mellow song." This is the first time 'Nothingman' has been played live. 'Three Little Birds' is a Bob Marley song. Ed jokes about a bomb threat in Indiana and then, "... they tell us that there's escapees from the insane asylum. They can be identified by the yellow wristband." The floor audience holds up their arms, displaying their yellow wristbands. Ed ends the show by pleasing the crowd with: "Detroit rock city, we'll come back again."

Friday, December 14, 2007

Verona 2000!!

The 2000 bootleg section has been updated with another stellar show!! Verona, Italy 6/20/2000!! The setlist pretty much speaks for itself but as you know the Italian shows always have a little something special about them. This is a must have from this tour in my opinion! Enjoy!!!

06/20/00 - Arena: Verona, Italy [139m]
attendance: 15,000so
set: Long Road, Grievance, Corduroy, Hail Hail, Animal, Nothing As It Seems, Pilate, Given To Fly, Even Flow, O' Sole Mio, MFC, Habit, Wishlist, Daughter/(Beautiful Way), State of Love and Trust, Once, Lukin, Immortality, Insignificance, Rearviewmirror
enc 1: In the Coliseum improv, Black, Breakerfall, Do The Evolution, Elderly Woman, Better Man, I Got You (Split Enz), Alive, Last Kiss, Porch
enc 2: Soon Forget, Yellow Ledbetter

MP3s Added for Miami '94

The 1994 bootleg section has been updated with 320kbps MP3s of the Miami show from 3/28/1994. More updates coming soon!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

2007 Section Added

That's right. We've added a section for the 2007 bootlegs and the first update to that section us the Copenhagen show from 6/26/2007!! This show has been talked about frequently on the Message Pit and some folks were looking for a FLAC version to download. If you are one of those people... got get here!!

06/26/07 - Forum, Copenhagen, Denmark
Ed pre-set: Throw Your Arms Around Me
set: Long Road, Corduroy, Why Go, Do the Evolution, In Hiding, Love Boat Captain, Love Reign O'er Me, Severed Hand, Light Years, Marker in the Sand, Given to Fly, Breath, I Am Mine, Elderly Woman..., Hard To Imagine, Life Wasted, Porch
first encore: No More, World Wide Suicide, Down, Once, Black, Alive
second encore: Better Man/(Save it for Later), Rockin in the Free World, Yellow Ledbetter

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hartford 1996

Another update to the 1996 bootleg section today!! I haven't listened to this one yet either so I don't what to say about accept that it's fuckin' Pearl Jam from 1996 so go get it!! Peace. Enjoy the show. Notes from Two Feet Thick are below:
set: Long Road, Hail Hail, Animal, Last Exit, In My Tree, Corduroy, Better Man, Not for You, Jeremy, Red Mosquito, Black, Rearviewmirror, Lukin, Elderly Woman, State of Love and Trust, Footsteps, Alive, Blood/(Fame)/(Noise of Carpet), Porch
enc: Who You Are, Even Flow, Daughter/(The Real Me)/(WMA), Leaving Here, Present Tense, Yellow Ledbetter (with Little Wing lick)
notes: Great long show with a very talkative Ed. During 'Not For You' Ed talks about the meaning of the song, saying it's not directed towards fans, but "a different entity ... someone who thinks they're more important than the people making the music; the people listening to the music; or the music itself. And this is just a reminder that they're not." 'Alive' is started and stopped, because of technical problems. Ed sings 'Footsteps', while everything is straightened out. Part of the fence comes down during 'Blood' and a near riot ensues. (In reality, when the barrier came down, security guards began using pepper spray. The wind was blowing into the pavilion, forcing people with seats to venture nearer the stage to escape it, making it seem like there was a mad rush to the stage.) During 'Porch' Ed tries to calm the crowd down while Mike plays a little part of Chicago's '25 or 6 to 4'. Ed says, "It's like swimming on coral ... there are chairs and people below you, settle down!" "Darlin' you don't want to be up there. That's for the people up front. The people up top you guys go fuckin' nuts! But the people up front settle down." Before they start 'Who You Are', Ed tries to calm the crowd: "It's a little crazy up here. You can sit down, it's cool. I can see you all if you sit, or stand, you can see me too. Ok, the next three words for the next five minutes are Peace and Love." He changes the second line of the second verse saying, "fuck the stage divers." After the song he reiterates, "This is all good. We're going to keep playing but I want to change the policy in the front row here. Security, you listening? Usually you come over the top you get two, three chances. You guys, anybody who comes over the top, you're going out. Just stay on the floor, you got it, ok? You look good where you are. Just stay where you are." For the 'Daughter' tag, Ed gets the crowd to sing along, "like in New York" to 'The Real Me.'

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

1992 Update

Well it appears that several of you have already noticed this update that was made a couple days ago to the 1992 bootleg section but here is the official announcement. The 1992 bootleg section has been updated with the 9/26/1992 show in Honolulu, Hawaii!! I've listened to this show several times now and it's awesome!! Sweet little improv to the tune of "Hard to Imagine" and a very rockin' "Rockin' in the Free World" to close it out! Enjoy the show!!

Two Feet Thick Notes:
09/26/92 - Andrew's Amphitheater: Honolulu, Hawaii
set: Release, Why Go, Deep, Jeremy, Breath, Even Flow, Improv, State Of Love And Trust, Black, Improv/Jam (based on Hard To Imagine), Alive, Porch
enc: Improv/Jam, Sonic Reducer, Rockin' In The Free World
notes: After a nice 'Release' opening, Ed says, "We're in a beautiful place. Why go home?" leading to guess what song? After a few opening licks of 'Breath' are played, the song is announced as 'A Breath and a Scream,' as it frequently was called then. Later Ed asks, "Did we meet some of you guys last night? Cause the tickets were good for both nights, right? That's how I wanted it to work out." After repeating, "I'm not crazy, I'm not crazy," they launch into 'Even Flow.' A few 'Hard To Imagine' riff are played after 'SOLAT,' and an improv based on 'Hard To Imagine' follows 'Black.' Ed tells the crowd, "You're all gonna die some day; you're all gonna die fat and old ... it's true," leading to 'Alive,' followed by some guitar noodling. Ed compliments the "pit" likening it to a "Norelco razor" with the three spinning heads. The second set opens with a jam with lyrics based loosely on 'Throw Your Arms Around Me.' Ed thanks everyone who they've met and says it makes them want to move there and "I wanna have your baby." After 'TITFW,' Ed says goodbye and then asks the lights to be turned back up: "I wanna get a picture of these guys."