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Monday, July 27, 2009

This Ones for Luke & Meg!!

This is Just Insane!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

6:00 AM Saturday Ride

Saturday I saw the beginning of the day from my bike. Such a beautiful morning and and even better when your on the bike at sunrise. The legs didn't really feel that great but it was great to be outside, on the trail, and have some tunes cranked between my ears. Started the ride off with The "Into The Wild" soundtrack and headed home with "Because of the Times" by King's of Leon.

Here are a few pics from along the way. That's me there with the bike obviously. Next is sunrise over Palmer Park and then just a cool looking building just off the path on my way to Green Lane Park which is the last picture there at the bottom.

Monday, July 20, 2009

New Single "The Fixer" Online!

Pearl Jam's first single, "The Fixer", from their upcoming new album "Back Spacer" is up on their Myspace page. Check it out here! Pretty solid mid temp tune. Definitely a radio friendly, happier type of jam. It's good but I could go for something with a little more bite to it. Will have to wait and see what the entire album is like. Either way I'll be at the Spectrum on October 28th loving the new and the old stuff!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Philly I 2009!!

Well the 10C presale was a complete fiasco as usual but probably more so since the Philly shows are the only ones on the East coast this year. I was able to secure a pair for night one but got shut out for night two. Hopefully will be able to grab a pair through the public sale tomorrow morning but who knows how that will go. These final shows at the Spectrum are bound to be legendary! Let me know how you made out yesterday if you tried getting tickets through 10C. I know there are plenty of pissed off folks over at the message pit and I completely understand. The volume is just too great when a band of this caliber is only playing a few shows in an area loaded with 10C members. Until the next time...Be sound.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Cool Pic and A New Direction

Due to a number of reasons this site will soon be heading in a different direction. While bootleg updates will still be included they will not be happening that frequently. My apologies but I just don't have the time to compile the uploads like I did before. The good news is the archive will remain intact and I'll try to get any links updated that are no longer active. My premium account with Megupload was recently updated for another two years so the links, for the most part, should be good for at least that long.

So if you continue to check this place out you will be finding more of a personal blog. It will include things that are important to me in my life including family, friends, music, etc... I have two daughters now so I'll have many adventures with them that I will most certainly be posting about. It's basically going to be a dumping ground for the things I'm passionate about. Fortunately, one of those things is Pearl Jam and I don't plan on that changing any time soon. Hitting a couple shows in Philly this fall! So that's where I'm heading now. If you want to stick around that's cool, if not that's cool too. Most importantly I hope you've enjoyed the music.