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Friday, June 29, 2007

More Bootlegs Coming Soon!!

The Present Tense has been on vacation this week thus the reason for the lack of bootleg updates over the last few days. Well vacation is over tomorrow and we will once again be working vigorously to bring you more of the Pearl Jam live experience!! Stay tuned and please feel free to drop a comment and let me know what you think of the site so far. If you are looking for a particular show let us know... we'll do our best to locate it and upload it for you! Hope you're all enjoying the music!!

Here's a cool vid of Ed playing his new song No More War at Kokua Festival back in April..

Monday, June 25, 2007

Rats - Duesseldorf - 2007-06-22

Awesome video from Europe!!!

The Gorge 05/06

The Gorge box set arrived in my mailbox on Friday afternoon just in time for a road trip to the Jersey shore! The first disc I popped in was the 2005 acoustic set opener and what I noticed was how incredible the sound is!! After having to listen to this show in MP3 format only and then having heard the CDs the difference is unbelievable!

Now as for my road trip. What is normally about a 2 hour drive for us turned in 4.5 hours due to traffic and accidents on the highways. So needless to say the Gorge box came in quite handy!! You may already have these shows in one of the various download formats but the sound on CD is significantly better! I recommend it for anyone who needs very good sound quality. Oh... and the packaging is sweet too!!

Milan, Italy 6/22/2000

The 2000 Bootlegs section has been updated with the Milan, Italy show! Another one of my favorite boots from that Euro tour. Enjoy!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

3 Additions

The Other Bootlegs section has been updated with two shows from Live and one from Dave Matthews Band. The acoustic set from Live is one of my favorite recordings by any band!! Its remarkable!! Download and enjoy!!

Live: The Brooklyn Academy November 1994 (Acoustic Set)
Live: Recorded in Amsterdam, Holland 11/2/1995 (Electric Set)
Dave Matthews Band - 2/24/1994

More Pearl Jam coming very soon :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

St. Petersburg, FL 3/29/1994

The 1994 Bootlegs section has been added and the first show is St. Petersburg. Wonderful show! Awesome version of Porch with a touch of Dirty Frank thrown in. Sonic Reducer is tight. Also contains the best version of Throw Your Arms Around Me ever!

I actually picked this up years and years ago from a record shop in New Hope, NJ back when finding a good bootleg was like finding a pot of gold!! It's almost too easy now! Enjoy the show!

Live & Unchained

The Other Bootlegs section has been updated with "Live & Unchained" an Alice in Chains bootleg from 1992/1993. The sound quality is awesome on this one. It's amazing that we used to have to pay $50+ for these things!! FLACs are up and MP3s will be posted soon! Enjoy!!

Alice in Chains - Live & Unchained 1992/93

Tracks 1-7 Live in the US 1993. Tracks 8-15 Los Angeles Palladium 1992.
1) Junkhead
3)Man in the Box
4) Real Thing
5) Lave, Hate, Love
6) Sea of Sorrow
7) Bleed the Freak
8) Sickman
9) It Ain't Like That
10) Put You Down
11) Would?
12) We Die Young
13) Under the Hill
14) Bleed the Freak
15) Man in the Box

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fargo, North Dakota 2003

The 2003 Bootleg section has been updated with the Fargo show from 6/15/2003. Haven't heard much talk about this show but this was the premiere of In My Tree on the 2003 tour and a pretty good perfomance overall. Ed had a bit of a cold so his voice struggles a bit in places but I still enjoyed the show! Give it a shot and see what you think. Cool poster too!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

On the Road w/ Buenos Aires II 2005

The end of last week I had a road trip for business and I was to be in the car for about 2 1/2 to 3 hours so i decided to pop in the Buenos Aires boot from 11-26-2005. I had downloaded both of the BA shows a while back but never actually got around to listening to either one of them. So I figured I had a straight 2 plus hours in the car why not give it a shot. So I popped in BAII and I have to say I had an awesome car ride!! I had heard about the BA crowds and how energetic and loud they were but I was actually blown away by it. Opening with MFC was totally killer not to mention it's a great song to drive to! Probably one of the best versions of I Beleive In Miracles at this show too!

So just wanted to tell that little story about a sweet drive with a great boot. Nothing like driving 80 mph with the windows down cranking some great music! And, if you don't have these shows... go get them! I have added a 2005 bootleg section to the site and both shows are ready to go!! (These boots are MP3 only, FLACs are not available for the 2005 shows)

And yes... they actually do sing the guitar parts!!!

Seattle I & II 2000

The 2000 Bootleg section now contains both Seattle shows from the 2000 tour. Night two usually gets most of the buzz and it truely is a great show. There has been talk of a somewhat lame crowd on night one that seems to present some sort of cloud over this show but it's actually one of my favorites! Both are strong performances by the band. Hope you enjoy them as much as do!

Friday, June 15, 2007

2003 Bootleg Update

Alright finally another update. Unfortunately a busy few days has hindered my effort to get more shows up here quickly but anyway here we go. The 2003 Bootleg section has been updated with the Albany, NY 4/29/2003 show. A relatively short set by Pearl Jam's standards, due to curfew for the venue, but a highly energetic set!! Download and enjoy!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Pearl Jam & Uncle Neil at the 1993 MTV VMAs

Was checking out Google vids and came across this little bit of priceless footage. Also have the audio of this in FLAC and MP3 for you to download but a visual always helps!! Enjoy!

1993 MTV Video Music Awards Audio Downloads: (Animal and Rockin' in the Free World w/ Neil Young)
FLAC Download
MP3 Download

Katowice Poland 6/16/2000

The 2000 Bootleg section has just been updated with the Katowice show from 6/16/2000. This is an awesome show that starts off with a great performance of Release and that just sets the tone for a remarkable night!! There were only3000 people in attendance at this show because it was sheduled last minute due to the cancellation of a show in Budapest. Folks with a stub from night one were able to buy tickets at 1/2 price for this show!!!

Both FLAC and MP3 versions of this gig can be found in the 2000 Bootleg section.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Non Pearl Jam Bootlegs Section Added

The first addition to this section is Chris Cornell Unplugged in Sweden 9/7/2006. This is a fantastic performance from Chris with covers of Led Zeppelin, Elvis Costello and Michael Jackson! Yes... I did say Michael Jackson!! Also some great classics from Soundgarden and Temple of the Dog and of course Audioslave. "Wide Awake" from Audioslave's most recent and sadly last album, Revelations, is an extremely emotional and moving performance. Essentially a wake up call to the federal government and their handling of the hurricane Katrina disaster; this song takes on a whole new mood in this classic acoustic performance...

"Down on the road the world is floating by
The poor and undefended left behind
While you're somewhere trading lives for oil
As if the whole world were blind"

Visit the Other Bootlegs section to download this amazing gig and as always enjoy the music!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Two Bootlegs Added

The 2006 Bootleg section has been updated with the Toronto, CAN show from 5/9/2006. Enjoy the show!!

Also added to the 1992 Bootlegs section is the New Years Eve show from that year. Live at The Acacdemy on 12/31/1992 in New York, NY. Kick ass!!

Coming soon to The Present Tense will be bootlegs from other bands!!! Yes we love Pearl Jam but lets face it... theres tons of great music out there!!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Boots and Links

There has been one new addition to the 2003 bootleg section today. Philadelphia, PA 4/28/2003. This was one of the best shows I've ever been too! The crowd is absolutely amazing. The sing along for Betterman is fantastic and the ((((HELLO)))) in Small Town almost blew the roof off the old Spectrum!! You won't find too many rarities on this but the classics explode with emotion at this sweet old venue! This is also in FLAC format.

Also added to the links section today is a link to The Army Reserve. This is one of the coolest fansites ever created for Pearl Jam!!! This is the best place to find the latest news on the band and what they're up too. They also have a whole vault full of bootlegs as well!! Be sure to check it out!

Under Construction

This site is still very much under construction so you will notice changes here and there. I'll add bootlegs as often as I can. Just hit the links on the right to get to the section you wish to download.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Throw Your Arms Around Me

This is the best version of this song I've been able to find. Its from St. Petersburg, FLA back in 1993. My wife and I included this on our wedding soundtrack and it was actually played at out wedding. Its awesome!! Enjoy it!!