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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wave to all my friends...

Once again I've gone far too without a post on this blog-o-mine! Life has just been tough to keep up with lately. Lily just turned 9 months and is now crawling all over the place! Josie turns 3 yrs next month and is just so amazing, and funny, and absolutely crazy sometimes.

Finally getting around to getting some of my bootlegs in order again and just getting organized. I hope to get some updates going again for the bootleg vault really soon!

I had the pleasure of seeing two of the four PJ shows at the Spectrum last month! Such a great experience as always when Pearl Jam performs. Couldn't believe I got to see some songs like "Rival", "No Way", "1/2 Full", "Push Me, Pull Me", and "Bee Girl"! They really did pull some shit out of their hat! Went to both shows with my brother and just had a blast. The crowd singing during "Garden" was simply amazing! The roof nearly blew off with "I willllll waaaaalk wiithh my hands bound..." parts. Hope they make it back to the Philly area in 2010 although I wouldn't mind trying to get a road trip in to see them either. Looks like they continue to tear shit up on the Oz tour at the current time.

Here's a couple pics of me inside and outside the Spectrum. I'll miss this old building!!