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Monday, January 31, 2011

And That Concludes Leg One 2006...

The PJ20 celebration is rolling along here on ITPT. Just wrapped up the download links for the remaining shows of the first leg of the 2006 tour. Shows added today include:

05-30-2006 Washington, DC

06-01-2006 East Rutherford, NJ

06-03-2006 East Rutherford, NJ

These shows are available in FLAC only at this time.

And here are a few samplings, video style, from these shows. First is "Low Light" from DC. Always a special moment when you get to here this gem from Yield!

Then there's "Inside Job", or what I like to call "the best fucking song from Self-Titled", from East Rutherford II. Such an inspirational piece of work from Mr. Mike McCready (Words & Music - McCready)

Leg II of the North American will kick off tomorrow (or later today) with Pittsburgh and possibly Cincy! Enjoy the shows!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Two More '06 Shows Added

Added both Camden shows 5/27 and 5/28. That's all for today. Enjoy the shows!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Kids Like Bootlegs Too

Added 4 more shows to the 2006 bootleg section this morning. All pretty solid shows with few special moments, at least in my opinion, during the Boston shows.
Shows added:
05-20-2006 Cleveland, Ohio
05-22-2006 Detroit, Michigan
05-24-2006 Boston, Mass
05-25-2006 Boston, Mass

During the Boston 5-24 show they open the 1st encore with a great version of Dylan's "Forever Young" followed by a great version of his "Master's Of War". This was in honor of Dylan's birthday. Late in the second encore on 5-25 they drop the "Leash" for the first time in many moons! Pretty cool moments in PJ history.
My daughters think so too...
...and here are a few of those special moments from Boston '06.
"Troubled souls unite!"

"May you build a ladder to the stars and climb on every rung..."

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chicago II and Grand Rapids Added

The 2006 bootleg section has been updated with two more shows today. Chicago 05-17-2006 and Grand Rapids 05-19-2006. The Grand Rapids show is available in both FLAC and MP3 formats. I happened to have this one converted to MP3 already so figured I may as well upload it. The MP3s were encoded from the original FLAC files at 320kbps (CBR). Highest possible quality for an MP3.

These are both solid shows with Grand Rapids being hailed as one of the best of the tour by many. A solid and long set list and an energetic performance make this a stand out show. Chicago II is also a solid show with "Crown of Thorns" thrown in the mix. Can't go wrong with that track making an appearance.

This could possibly be my favorite song from the Grand Rapids show. One of those songs that you can just close your eyes and be taken somewhere else. Beautiful, powerful, amazing...

This is 1/2 Full from Chicago 5/17/2006. This song always kicks ass mostly because Mike just tears this shit up!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More fresh 2006 links

The 2006 bootleg page has a whole new look and has a few new bootleg links as well. Eventually going to move to this same layout with all of the bootleg sections but it's probably going to take quite a bit of time. I want to get each show down to just two links. One for each disc in FLAC format and then possibly put up MP3 links as well but those can be found on other sites if that's what you're really after.

Check out the new page layout and let me know what you think. The shows added today are:

05-12-2006 Albany, New York
05-13-2006 Hartford, CT
05-16-2006 Chicago, Illinois

Albany is likely the shortest set played on this entire tour but it's a great, blistering set. Definitely don't skip it just because the set list is a bit short on songs. Give it a chance and I'm certain you'll like what you hear.

Enjoy the shows and thanks for stopping by!

Here's a video sample of "Sad" from Albany. One of my favorite songs. No idea how it ended up being a "Lost Dog".

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pearl Jam Bootleg Update: Toronto 2006 Shows Added

The first bootleg updates of 2011 have been added to the 2006 bootleg page. Both shows to open the 2006 tour in Toronto are now available in FLAC format. Show info follows:

05/09/06 – Air Canada Centre, Toronto, CAN
Soundcheck: Unemployable, Sad, Love Boat Captain, Severed Hand
set: Severed Hand, World Wide Suicide, Life Wasted, Marker in the Sand, Given To Fly, Better Man, Even Flow, Unemployable, Garden, Sad, Corduroy, Present Tense, Daughter/(To Come) -> Grievance -> Not For You/(Check on it), Inside Job, Why Go
first encore: Do The Evolution, Jeremy, Come Back, Alive
second encore: Porch, Rockin in the Free World, Yellow Ledbetter
TFT Notes: This is the first night of the first leg of the tour in support of Pearl Jam. The band hits the stage at 8:50PM local time, entering the stage with “Master/Slave” playing as the intro music over the P.A. The “Daughter” tag is parts of “To Come”, a monologue by Lenny Bruce. In the middle of “Not For You” just before the “All that’s sacred…” line, Ed sings “Check up on it” twice from Beyonce’s “Check On It”(!). “Inside Job” premieres at this show, with Mike playing a double neck guitar. My Morning Jacket joined in smashing tambourines during “Rockin’ in the Free World” and two of the band members did backing vocals with Jeff and Stone. At the end of the show, all of the band members were throwing guitar/bass picks and Matt his drumsticks as usual. Stone, though, started throwing out a lot of merchandise (hats, t-shirts, etc.) into the crowd. He didnt scrunch them up, so they didn’t travel that far into the crowd. One time he tried to toss it over his head backwards and it ended up only a couple of feet behind him, amusing those up front.
05/10/06 – Air Canada Centre, Toronto, CAN
soundcheck:It Ain’t Like That (Alice In Chains, partial), In Hiding, You Are, Low Light, World Wide Suicide, Wasted Reprise
set: Release, World Wide Suicide, Life Wasted, Severed Hand, Hail, Hail, Unemployable, Dissident, Even Flow, Corduroy, I Am Mine, Low Light, (Improv)/Whipping, You Are, I Got Shit/(Cinnamon Girl), Better Man/(Save It For Later), Jeremy, Marker in the Sand, Black, Rearviewmirror
first encore: Wasted Reprise -> Man of The Hour, Elderly Woman…, State of Love and Trust, Do The Evolution, Alive
second encore: (Improv)/Go, Crazy Mary, Fuckin’ Up, Indifference, Yellow Ledbetter/(Beast Of Burden)
TFT Notes: The band hits the stage at 8:50PM local time, entering the stage with “Master/Slave” playing as the intro music over the P.A. “Severed Hand” now features stage effects including smoke and lasers. The first set clocks in at 100 minutes! “Wasted Reprise” premieres at this show, seguing into “Man of the Hour”. During “I Got Shit”, a drumstick flew out of Matt’s hand, hit Ed’s leg and landed in front of Stone. He looked down and grabbed it, holding it up excitedly as though he were in the audience and caught it. After “I Got Shit”, Ed told the crowd he had a secret to tell, that this won’t be on the bootlegs and first sang the chorus of “I Got Shit” by himself, then sang “I wanna be with a Cinnamon Girl, I want to live the rest of my life with a Cinnamon Girl”, hinting the similarity in the two choruses. During “State of Love and Trust” where Ed often goes over and head-butts or leans again Mike, Ed looked at Mike and leaned down like he was going to go over, but didn’t. Ed mentioned that Sean Kinney’s birthday was coming up and told the crowd he was going to count to three, and then the crowd would say, “Happy birthday Sean!”. He said they’d send Sean a video of it so he could watch it on the tour bus (Sean Kinney’s birthday is May 27, and Alice In Chains will be on tour in Europe) . It was then that he asked Kevin to make sure he was filming. Ed spoke directly into the camera as if he were talking to Sean, saying something like, “Hey Sean, we’re just here hanging out in Toronto, and we just wanted to say something to you…”. He then counted to three, and the crowd yelled “Happy birthday Sean!”. The wine bottle was passed back quite a ways during “Crazy Mary”. At one point in the encore, Matt whipped his sticks into the crowd behind the stage (maybe a litte harder than he intended), and then briefly pretended he was a fan who got hit in the eyes and had a stick stuck in each. Towards the end of “Fuckin’ Up”, Ed tried to lay down on Stone’s monitors and fell off. He sat up and remained there, snapping his fingers along, and drank a Heineken after the wine bottle was empty. Ed laughs so much during “Yellow Ledbetter” that it interrupts his singing. He laughed because there was a banner to his left that caught his eye, it said : “Impeach Bush. Pearl Jam For President”.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Back to the Boots!

Okay folks, welcome to 2011 on In The Present Tense! This year I'm going to be swinging my focus back to the roots of this hear blog. In honor of the celebration of Pearl Jam's 20 years of rocking our free worlds I bringing the bootleg updates back and I hereby vow to keep them coming in 2011.

I'm thinking of maybe trying a few new things here to see I we can get more interaction between myself and those that may visit this blog in search of a Pearl Jam gold mine of audio and video. So big hint... stay tuned for some B&P and/or freebie offers of Pearl Jam DVDs (video) and data DVDs to maybe help jump start some of those collections!

I'll also be adding a better way to contact me if you want to request something. My archive is pretty large so if you want something specific please do ask. I'll do my best to get you what you're looking for.

Happy 2011!! Let the Pearl Jam 20 celebration officially begin!

We're all still ALIVE!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Yep... That's me

Me and my Poppop a looooong time ago. Snagged this from my mom's place when we were there for the holidays. Another great Christmas Eve as a result of a ton of hard work. Thanks mom and dad!