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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

2011 Tour Page Added

Figured it was time to make it official and just create a page for the current tour. I have added both Alpine Valley (PJ20) night 2 and the Montreal show to the 2011 page. Both shows are available in FLAC and MP3 and both are audience recordings. Alpine Valley night 1, which was previously posted, has also been added to the 2011 page.

With any luck this page will continue to grow as the tour unfolds. I'm on the look out for both Toronto shows, both of which had killer set lists, and will post them as they become available.

While we wait for more audience recordings to surface from the 2011 gigs I will contuniue to update the links for the 2000 page as well. Currently up to show #12 and will have more shows to add later today or tomorrow morning.


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