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Monday, September 26, 2011


There will be another post later in the week also with the number 40 in it but we'll get to the details on that in a few days. This 40 is in reference to where we are with the uploads of the 2000 Binaural tour. With this morning's update we are up to show number 40 of that tour. With any luck I hope to complete these shows this week but we'll see how that goes. I think I can get it done.

A few of the shows added today are some of my favorites to listen to. They include the New Orleans show which opens with Long Road and is a great version. Then they blast right into Grievance which I may have mentioned before but I feel this is one of the best rock songs ever. Later they play Sonic Reducer, one of the best covers they do in my humble opinion.

Also, really enjoy the Columbus show. Two of my favorite songs ever played in the same show, "In My Tree" and "Present Tense". The Noblesville (Indy) show is also quite good. Ed does a solo performance of "Throw Your Arms Around Me" in the encore. Love that song so much. We had it played at our wedding and was on our wedding soundtrack.

Here is the opening of the Noblesville show! Love this combo to open a show. So much energy!

Enjoy the shows! More on the way...