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Monday, January 23, 2012


Well it was a fun ride but sadly this blog, at least as it once existed as a Pearl Jam bootleg haven, is now effectively dead. With Megaupload being taken down and many other file sharing sites also biting the dust the many, many hours that have gone into this site are all wasted now.

I enjoyed sharing shows with everyone and hopefully you found some stuff here that you needed before it was taken down but as of right now I don't have it in me to jump start this thing again. Maybe after some time passes I look into finding a reasonable way to bring this thing back to life.

Thank you to those that have commented and been supportive throughout this project. I know I didn't always reply to everyone but please know that it's not because I didn't want to. I never really had the time that I WANTED to put into this thing so something had to give somewhere.

I hope to be back with the Pearl Jam shows sometime in the near future but until then...

"makes much more sense, to live in the present tense"



bonmipond said...

Hi Andy,

I enjoy reading your blog very much and thank you deeply for your generous sharings with us. You've made so many PJ fans happy. It made me sad (and furious!) that all the shows you put in the blog are gone. You'll keep this blog going still, right? Please keep the passion alive.

My best wishes to you and your lovely family.

A compassioned PJ fan

Kevin Davis said...

Thanks so much for the site, Andy. I downloaded a ton of the stuff you shared here and always recommended it to people who were looking for a good online PJ resource.

Best wishes,

tscall said...

I've loved your blog and hope you choose to carry on in some way, even if its just new stuff and not re-upping all the old. If not, thanks for the memories.....

Tristanhammet said...

Thank you so much man, like you said "it's sad" but you did a great effort by sharing the bootlegs. So keep on rocking...

Tristanhammet said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dan said...

Hey Andy it's sad indeed, but thank you for all of your hard work. I for one have really enjoyed your blog and hate to see it go, but I perfectly understand that thing they call "time".

Your Friend,

Jeffix said...

Olá Andy, gostaria de agradecer os inúmeros shows e as inúmeras horas de dedicaçao para tantos Shows do PJ, ficamos muito felizes por tudo e tristes pelas proibiçoes :( espero poder escutar um dia o show de curitiba, minha cidade, se puder, deixe ele disponível em algum um dia por aqui, se puder please, nos avise, meu e-mail para contato é jeffix@gmail.com !
parabéns e continue assim, musica é de gratis para todos !

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy

I´m reality fan pf Pearl Jam, also I have a colection more than 200 DVDs of Pearl jam and I would make a trade with you mi list are in the follow https://rapidshare.com/files/1505598487/DVDs_de__Pearl_Jam_20-01-2012_.pdf

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see you next

Felipe said...

Thanks a lot for sharing your collection of bootlegs... i´m so sad with this situation...i hate fbi and all us corporation more than ever well i hope you and your family are well! Greetings from Santa Fe Argentina

See ya!


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