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Friday, October 19, 2007

You Asked For It...

Bonner Springs, KS

This was a request from Holden, a visitor to In The Present Tense! This looks like a good show. I can't wait to listen to it myself. Any show that opens with "Release" is bound to be good! Go to the 2003 bootleg section to get this one!

Some notes from Two Feet Thick:
A lovely day turned to dark skies, lightning and a torrential downpour starting during Idlewild's set. During the set change, the first row of seats is flooded with water pouring from the upper sections. Mike comes out and tosses several shirts out to the crowd. The stage is mopped, equipment is covered and the band prepares to play as the downpour turns to steady rain and the lightning becomes less threatening. Opening with 'Release,' singing, "Oh, dear Dad, can you see us now? I am myself, like you somehow." (A large streak of lightning flashes across the sky). Ed says, "Hi, Dad." A rather powerful moment, helping fuel the rest of the "short, but sweet" set as the crowd sings the words in the rain. The setlist is rapid and somewhat different, seemingly constructed specifically for the circumstances, (such as 'Whipping': "Don't need a raincoat YOU'RE already wet!").

Also added to the 2000 bootleg section is Paris 6/08. This one brought you by Jaymz69, another visitor/contributor to the site! Thanks for the links Jaymz69! Yet another show I haven't had the pleasure of listening to yet so here are some notes from Two Feet Thick on this one:
Before 'Pilate,' a fan on the barricade gives Ed a harmonica and he plays a second of 'Footsteps' on it and says, "I just got a musical instrument as a gift either from the people of France or that guy right there. Is this something that you all pitched in for? Either way I'm very moved. Thank you very much." (Ed had given his harmonica to a fan in Cardiff right after playing 'Smile'.) After a particularly hardcore 'Rearviewmirror,' Mike grabs his guitar (an orange-red Strat) by the fretboard with both hands and smashes it to bits gleefully. He even jumps up and down on it. He throws the strap and whammy bar out to the crowd and hands a chunk of the body to someone on the barricade. Returning for the encore, Ed steps on a skateboard and makes a round on stage. "Merci beaucoup! A toast," he says and throws some wine over his head. "Let's play some more." Before 'Once," Ed thanks The Vandals and then starts to say, "the other people I really want to thank ... what's that?" Some people are screaming something to Ed that he couldn't seem to understand. He replies with "Fuck you!" The crowd cheers! He continues, "Everyone in this whole first three rows getting their heads knocked to shit all night and they have been so fucking tough. Everyone give them a big applause. SURVIVORS!" After 'Black,' Ed introduces each member of Pearl Jam in French ("Monseur Mike McCready," etc) to loud cheers and then says, "And I'm Madame Bovary." He intro's 'Fuckin' Up' with, "This is a good one to raise your arms and middle fingers and feel like you're number one." For the finale, Ed and Mike stay on stage, the others left and returned to do 'YL.'

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