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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Three Boots Today!!

The 2006 Bootleg section has been updated with three shows from the Australian Tour. Sydney I & II and Brisbane I are up and ready for download. Hope you enjoy the shows!
These are the notes from Two Feet Thick for the Brisbane I show:

The crowd is very energetic and participates throughout the show. During "Black", the front row swayed with their arms around each other, and Ed made a comment that he'd never seen anything like it. "Black" ends with a modification of the delicate standard improv "we didn't belong together". There was a young boy in the front row during the second encore, and so Ed sang the "while you were sitting home alone at age 13" line in "Alive" to him. Ed also threw him his towel and a tambourine, and Mike threw him a pick. During "Alive" Ed went into the audience up on the side of the stage, then ran down the pit slapping hands to the fans on the other side. Referring to a past show, Ed said "You know the good thing about having a shit crowd? ... Which we might have had recently - is that it really makes you appreciate a great crowd. And you guys are great." Ed also said he hoped that the exact same people show up tomorrow night. We'll see... I can't imagine a non-fan club show will be as good as this one."

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