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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

7 Shows Added

Big update today! Seven shows have been added to the site over the past day or so but I haven't had a chance to announce them properly. The following have been addded to the 2000 bootleg section:
London, UK 5/30/2000 (Thanks jaymz69!)
Columbus, OH 8/21/2000
Jones Beach, NY 8/25/2000
This Jones Beach show is one of my favorites from 2000. Great version of "In My Tree"! "Present Tense" is also played which holds a special place in my heart in case you haven't noticed. Lots of No Code on this performance which is never a bad thing. "In Hiding" is also excellent!
The following shows are ready for download in the 2006 bootleg section:
Madrid, 9/07/2006
Marseille, 9/09/2006
Paris, 9/11/2006
Bern, 9/13/2006
I honestly haven't listened to any of these shows yet so if you listen to them and feel like writing a review, drop me a line at inthepresenttense@comcast.net and I'll post on the site!
Enjoy the music. Peace.


jaymz69 said...

wow great -- 7 shows in one post... thanx

jaymz69 said...

ok one final of my purchased bootlegs paris 2000-06-08

BrainofAJW said...

Awesome!! Thanks man!

Anonymous said...

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