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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Noblesville 2003 and Brisbane II 2006

Two updates today for bootlegs. The 2003 bootleg section has been updated with the second show requested from Holden; Noblesville, Indiana 6/22/2003. This one opens with my favorite opener, "Long Road", which I have not been fortunate enough to see in person yet.
Also added to the 2006 bootleg section is the second Brisbane, Australia show! Notes from Two Feet Thick are below:
Another loud, sold-out Brisbane crowd experiences a powerful and energetic show. "Save You" sees the front rows clapping with Ed during the middle. Following "Dissident" Ed comments that "... it didn't feel like we'd even made it to Australia until the show here last night" (one of many references made during the Australian tour regarding the subdued Sydney crowd on Nov. 11). A beautiful "Wishlist" is tagged with "I wish I was Prime Minister / Give George Bush the middle finger / Get my soldiers back at home / To the land where they belong." "MFC" delights those who were able to hear it faintly at the soundcheck. "You Are" is dedicated to a 10-month old girl named Charlotte: "This one's for you sweetie". A crunching "Not For You" has the 'oh oh uh ohhh' chant in the bridge. Ed returns after encore to play Tom Waits' "Picture In A Frame" and dedicates it to his "best girl" Jill whose birthday he is missing for the first time. "Crazy Mary" and "Alive" end the first encore to rapturous applause from the crowd. The second encore starts and stays heavy with "Why Go", "Blood", "Comatose", "Porch" and "Kick Out The Jams", followed by a sweet "Yellow Ledbetter", bringing yet another two-night party in Brisbane to a close.