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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

First Update of 2008!!

Happy New Year to all our visitors!! Had a nice little vacation from everything for a while but getting back in the spirit of updating the site now. The first update of the new year is 8/31/1998 in Raleigh, North Carolina!! See details below. Visit the 1998 bootleg section to get it!! Hope you enjoy the show. More shows on the way soon!
set: Sometimes, Corduroy, Animal, Given to Fly, Tremor Christ, Hail Hail, Not for You, Habit, Wishlist, Even Flow, Daughter/(Beginning to See the Light), Footsteps, Immortality, Brain of J, Faithfull, Go, Jeremy, Alive
enc 1: Do the Evolution, State of Love and Trust, Black, Elderly Woman, Better Man
enc 2: Soldier of Love
notes: Mike and Ed are in particularly great spirits. 'Corduroy' features a great Townshend leap by Ed with his white Gibson SG. The 'Wishlist' lyrics include "I wish friends would always be friends until the bitter end." Ed notes, "We've been tryin' to feel y'all out ... we think you can handle this," introducing 'Footsteps.' During 'Brain of J,' a someone in the third row passes out and while everyone is helping her, Ed is watching throughout the whole song (not dancing) to make sure she is OK. He even throws one of his water bottles out to one of her friends for her and comments, ""We've got people passing out up here ... I can only imagine what its like in the back" (big roar from back of the lawn). 'Faithfull' is dedicated to the people in the back. Mike tears the stage up on 'Go,' playing the entire solo for about a minute with the guitar behind his head and seems to get stuck near the edge of the stage and a bed of speakers, prompting Stone to ask if he had gotten stuck! Upon returning for the first encore (Ed sporting a 'blonde era' Lou Reed shirt), the crowd cheers wildly and Ed says, "Aww, you probably say that to all the bands. You're probably the same assholes that were cheering Dave Matthews here last night!" During 'State', Mike starts doing laps around the stage and Ed turns his mic to follow him. On his second lap Ed nails him with a shoulder and almost knocks him down and changes the lyrics to refer to Mike ("help him from himself"). Ed tells a humorous tale about the Mudhoney show the previous night in Chapel Hill, where he bought a beer for some guys standing by him and heard one of them say "I'm under" to which he said "Don't worry, man, I got you covered." He thought the guys were short on cash but they were saying they were underage. The two guys got dragged out of the show halfway through because some "celebrity asshole" (Ed calls himself that) got them in trouble. Ed calls them "poor fuckers" then says he made it up to them and they had backstage passes and definitely had beers in their hands right now! 'Better Man' is dedicated to Michael Jordan, with Ed just referencing someone in a light blue jersey, with number 23. Before the last encore, Ed looks at the crowd and mouths "fucking awesome." Once again, Ed brings a fan onstage for the final encore and has him hold his song book while he sings 'Soldier of Love.'


kaeru-boy said...

Welcome home! I am expecting it this year.

Wendler said...

He's back! Beef on Friday!? You need a beef! Call, e-mail, or comment.