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Friday, December 21, 2007

1994 Update!!

The 1994 bootleg section has been updated with the 4/12 show at the Orpheum Theater in Boston, Mass. This was third of three shows in Boston that year! As usual those fuckers up there are very lucky when it comes to legendary PJ performances! The Two Feet Thick notes are below. Enjoy and visit again soon! More from 1998 on the way shortly!!

04/12/94 - Orpheum Theater: Boston, MA [130]
set: Oceans, Even Flow, Sonic Reducer, State of Love and Trust, Hard to Imagine, Immortality/(Hey Hey, My My), Go, Animal, Glorified G, Daughter/(Suck You Dry), Alone, Not for You, Better Man, Rats, Blood
enc: Release, Tremor Christ, Once, Fuckin' Up, Dirty Frank, Yellow Ledbetter, instrumental jam, Rearviewmirror, Elderly Woman, I've Got a Feeling/jam
notes: The crew created this setlist, full of new songs and b-sides. Mark Arm joins PJ for 'Sonic Reducer.' Standout version of 'Immortality.' Ed's comments: "This is the second to the last night of this fucking tour. Play New York and we are going home. We would like to thank our crew, speaking of 'Rats.' You should also thank the one who made the setlist tonight, cause somebody else made it. This is a fucking awesome place you live in. Lots of history. It is definitely one of the places I want to live." Mike pretends to hide during the appropriate 'Dirty Frank' lyrics. Having a rather cheerful night, Ed quips, "I really shouldn't let you all see me this happy ... people might expect it all the time." During the extended (20+ min.?) 'I've Got a Feeling' jam, Ed lifts a young female attendee from the crowd and puts her on his shoulders, dances a bit and returns her to her seat, giving her some roses.