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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sheessel, Germany

The 2007 bootleg section has been updated with a mix soundboard/audience recording of the Hurricane Festival in Germany from 6/24/2007!! Since the band did not release official bootlegs for the 2007 tour this is probably as good as it gets for sound quality from the 07 tour!! The Vic was awesome too however as far as audience recordings go! Enjoy the show!!

06/24/07 - Hurricane Festival, Scheessel, Germany
set: Why Go, Save You, Severed Hand, Grievance, Dissident, Interstellar Overdrive, Corduroy, Faithfull, Green Disease, Given to Fly, Throw Your Hatred Down, Jeremy, Elderly Woman..., Even Flow, Black, Rearviewmirror
first encore: World Wide Suicide, Better Man, Life Wasted, Blood, Baba O'Riley, Yellow Ledbetter
TFT Notes: Pearl Jam headlined the third day of this three-day festival. After five upbeat songs to start the show, Ed says "hello" to all the campers, and gets a loud response. He urges the crowd to take a look at the "beautiful moon in the back row". In the outro to "Faithfull", Ed changes the line "What's a boy to do" to "What's a grown man to do". Ed decribes "Given to Fly" as a Mike McCready song that's "always nice to play in the deep blue sky, underneath it anyway.". "Throw Your Hatred Down" is introduced as a song "by our Uncle Neil ... Neil Young" and contains a energetic, three-phase noisy ending (Ed: "We just wanted him to hear that loud enough in America."). During "Elderly Woman...", Ed sings that "lifetimes they're catching up with all of us." Like other times in 2007, possibly to make it easier to sing, "Life Wasted" is played tuned a half-step lower. Ed sings to the fans during "Black", singing "I'm surrounded by you kids at play / I can feel your laughter, so why do I sear." "Black" ends with "We belong together (2X)/ Maybe we don't belong (2X) / So for the better ... (3X)". The band appreciates the singing at the end of "Black", with Ed mentioning "There's a lot of power up here - a lot of electricity to get the sound and the lights for all the bands that have played over the last few days. Out there, up here, there's wires this thick (holds up hands) to get all this electricity up here, all this power. But there's absolutely more power out there. You have the power and don't you forget it. And we know this because we felt it just now." Ed nods the other bands on the bill, saying "before we continue, there's been kings (Kings of Leon) on this stage, licks (Juliette & The Licks) , and gods (Sonic Youth), so I guess that makes us jewelry." Mike throws the riff of "Voodoo Chile" into the end of Baba, and the show ends with "Yellow Ledbetter".

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It is a very interesting sound source. but uncompress cannot file it.It might be why.....
It is very regrettable.