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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

1998 Bootleg Update!!

Alright! Back with another show from the 3rd leg of the 1998 Yield Tour! This one is actually the first show from leg three in Noblesville, Indiana just outside the beautiful city of Indianapolis! I was actually living and working in Indy at the time of this show but unfortunately didn't make it to the show. I was fortunate enough to go to the Indy 500 when I was living out there though. That was insane! SPEED!!!!! Anyway, the 1998 bootleg section has been updated with the 8/17/98 show!! As always, enjoy the music!

08/17/98 - Deer Creek Music Center: Noblesville, IN [105m]
attendance: 20,500
set: Long Road, Hail Hail, Brain of J, Last Exit, Given to Fly, Corduroy, MFC, (new Jeremy improv), Immortality, Even Flow, Nothingman, Rearviewmirror, Wishlist, In Hiding, Spin the Black Circle, Alive, Go
enc 1: Better Man/(Save it for Later), Daughter, Do the Evolution, Leaving Here
enc 2: Yellow Ledbetter
notes: The first show of the East Leg of the 1998 US Tour finds the band in EXCELLENT energy and spirits. All the members are spotted sidestage rocking out to Iggy Pop's tremendous opening set, and it seems as though his energy inspired them to kick ass. Ed's hair is shorter, blacker and slicked back, and he greets the audience with, "Okay, fuckers, our turn" (making reference to Iggy's rants at the dead crowd for his set). 'MFC' is prefaced with, "If you ever wanna get out of town, expand your boundaries, the best way might not be a tractor... but if a tractor's all ya have, go for it." Ed sings an interesting improv, based on the structure of the new 'Jeremy,' with the lyrics being, "The President spoke in court today." 'Immortality' is a total Matt Cameron-based jam, so much so that Ed makes a point of giving him props at the end. Stone is absolutely on fire tonight, jumping, thrashing, at the front of the stage constantly. 'Nothingman' is dedicated to the lawn (Ed claiming that that's where he would have been at that show, if he hadn't found a way to sneak down front). During 'Alive,' Ed balances on Pete's shoulders to grab hands down front, and then runs to the left and right side to do the same thing, afterwards applauding the crowd: "Good job, Indy - good job tonight." Prior to the first encore, Ed acknowledges some of the signs in the audience requesting songs, as well as one reading "Ed Lewinsky" and then they play a brief clip of Clinton's speech from that afternoon, follow ed by Ed reading excerpts from it; at the end he comments, "I have one word to say - 'consensual'." 'Better Man' is dedicated in turn to both Bill and Hillary Clinton, and the tag has the melody of 'WMA,' but no words are sung. His parting words are, "Behave like rock stars - not like the President." Crowd was amazing and the band was really happy because of it. (On the written setlist but not played: Porch, Indifference, Present Tense, Off He Goes)

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