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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

WPB 1998!!!

Today brings another update to the ever popular 1998 bootleg section!!! Added today is the 9/22/1998 show in West Palm Beach, FL! Below are some fantastic notes on the show from the folks at Five Horizons. As always enjoy the show! More updates are on the way.

09/22/98 - Coral Sky Amphitheatre: West Palm Beach, FL [113m]
set: (Interstellar Overdrive)/Corduroy, Brain of J, Hail Hail, Animal, Red Mosquito, Given to Fly, Even Flow, MFC, Improv/Habit, Wishlist, Daughter, Jeremy, In Hiding, Lukin, Rearviewmirror, Immortality, Do the Evolution, Porch
enc 1: Last Exit, Leatherman, Better Man, (Angie), State of Love and Trust, Alive
enc 2: Baba O'Riley
notes: Stone is spotted during Rancid's set from side stage; he appears to know all the lyrics. The lead-in music is 'Aye Davanita' again. It is a hot, humid night and Ed jokes about how the humidity is fucking up his hair (he has a serious 'fro thing going on). The improv leading to 'Habit' (sounding much like the 2/20/98 Maui improv musically), includes the lyrics "dropped three times." Instead of a "speaking as ..." line, Ed plays a slow, distinctive guitar riff. Before 'In Hiding,' he comments how the next song has a chorus he'll need help with from the crowd and how he has trouble remembering ... it "must be that pot I smoked last night." During the 'RVM' solo, Ed strikes a pose with one arm to the right while he is looking left, and he's totally still, not moving, but his sweat is pouring down. More effects on the backdrop: clouds on 'GTF;' water on 'Immortality;' lightning on 'Better Man.' During the 'Porch' jam, Ed starts singing "last dance ... last chance." (Donna Summer anyone?) The 'Angie' snippet is a surprise, seeming as if the intent is to play the entire song but they abandon it after Mike and Ed can't quite get it together after the first few notes. Ed tosses the microphone above the scaffolding during 'Alive' (he doesn't climb the cord), and it isn't retrieved but remains looped into the final encore. Before 'Baba,' Ed thanks Rancid and challenges them to play a Who song. Rather than tossing the tambourine into the crowd during 'Baba,' he throws it frisbee-style at the backdrop, and he joins in on guitar for a rousing ending. A rocking show with the band having fun, despite the heat. (On the setlist but not played: 'Black,' 'Go' and 'Nothingman.')

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