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Monday, January 18, 2010

Ride # 5: 50

Ride # 5 was great! It was 50 degrees in January... what more could you ask for really? I hit the trail from behind my house (part of the Evansburg loop) and headed down to the main Perkiomen Trail. Normally when I hit the main trail I make a right and head toward Spring Mountain and Green Lane Park. It's just such a nice ride because it's all gravel (well 99% of it anyway) and it's slightly more challenging. Saturday I decided to change it up and head toward Collegeville and Oaks. I hadn't been down that way in long, long time so I figured I'd check it out.

The parts that were gravel, which is basically all the way to Oaks, were pretty muddy and tacky. Felt like you were riding in sand half the time but it gave the legs a good burn. Once you hit Oaks it's paved and that was a welcome sight at the time. Found out that there is a new split off of the trail that heads to Phoenxiville and decided to take that and see what it was like. It's a nice little portion of paved trail that hugs the Schuylkill River and actually ends maybe a mile or so before you get into Phoenixville.

I took the road the rest of the way into Phoenixville and ended up at the Produce Junction. Decided taking a right up Rt. 29 and a massive hill was not an option my legs wanted to take and turned around to head back to the trail :) What can I say? My legs aren't ready for hills like that yet.

Overall a good ride. Again with weather like this in January it's hard to have a bad ride!!

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