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Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas Morning 2009

Christmas morning was a ton of fun this year! Josie is three now so Santa is a big deal. The look on her face in the morning was really priceless. I almost caught her but I think I was about a second or so early but you get the idea.

Lily of course has no idea what day it is but she had a blast playing with the boxes and the paper more than anything else.

We had Josie and Lily do the stockings first and then we actually managed to have breakfast without a fight before opening the gifts under the tree.

Santa was pretty thrifty this year. Many of the things he brought were certified pre-owned. Hey, it's all new to the kids!

A few of Josie's favorite things were her new bath robe, her Dr. Josie kit and jacket from Nana and Pa, and the little house that Santa left in the basement.

And Lil'... well she just loves everything!

It was a nice morning. It didn't feel rushed and the kids got to enjoy their new things for a while. Later in the morning Uncle Matty and Nana and Pa came over for brunch and more gift giving.

Christmas is so packed with fun and family I have to break the day down into two parts. Later in the afternoon we went to my brother's for Christmas dinner. To be continued...

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