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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Alice In Chains '92

The Other Bootlegs section has been updated with an amazing soundboard recording of AIC in Seattle on 12/20/1992!! The sound is outstanding! I hope you enjoy it as much as I am. This really brought back some great memories for me hearing these songs again. "Sickman" put me right back in the pit from when I saw them in 1993 at Lolla. It was just sick!! Enjoy!

Alice in Chains
Seattle Center
Seattle, WA 12/20/92SBD > DATM > CDR > EAC > dEDIT > mdwACT > SHN
1. Junkhead
2. Put You Down
3. It Ain't Like That
4. Love, Hate Love
5. God Smack
6. Sickman
7. Bleed The Freak
8. Dirt
9. Sweet Home Alabama (tease)
10. Man In The Box
11. Dam That River
12. We Die Young
13. Them Bones
14. (another tease)
15. Hate To Feel
16. Angry Chair
17. Rooster

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