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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Two Years Ago Today!

Two years ago today I was at this location rockin' out with my bro to Pearl Jam!! My brother turned me on to this amazing band way back in the day and it's been something that's kept us close over the years. We've been to two shows together and hopefully a third coming up in a few weeks at this same location. Really looking forward to both shows at Camden on June 19th and 20th! Will be interesting to see what the boys bust out for this tour. "Drop the Leash" was sick back in '06! Hoping to hear a few openers that I haven't seen live including "Long Road" and "Release". One or the other or both would be amazing. Would like to hear "Hard to Imagine" too. Have really been loving that song lately.

The good news is they have stated they'll be releasing official bootlegs again for this tour but they have not given any details on the format. Hopefully they'll go with CDs but downloads would be cool too. However they choose to do it would be just fine with me. This does raise a question though... what format would you prefer? Take a minutes to answer in our poll to the right. If you're going to any shows this spring have a great time. More bootlegs will be posted here very soon!

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Wendler said...

Thanks for the mention in the blog. I love the ticker going across the top! I can't wait for the show.