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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Boston I 1994

The 1994 bootleg section has been updated with the first of three nights in Boston. The show is available in both FLAC and 320kbps MP3s. The Boston shows in 1994 definately had a different feel to them. Kurt Cobain had killed himself on April 5th. Pearl Jam played a show in Fairfax, VA on the 8th, the day Kurt's body was discovered and then three intense shows in Boston followed. His death was clearly on their minds. Excellent shows. Enjoy. Night 2 will be up soon to complete the trilogy.

04/10/94 - Boston Garden: Boston, MA [110m]
attendance: 12,000
support act: Mudhoney
set: Release, Go, Animal, Dissident, Why Go, Deep, Jeremy, Glorified G, (Sweet Emotion)/Daughter/(Hey Hey, My My)/(WMA), State of Love and Trust, Garden, Blood, Black, Alive, Porch
enc 1: Once, Rearviewmirror, Not for You
enc 2: Elderly Woman, Leash, Yellow Ledbetter
notes: Tickets are absolutely impossible to get to this show, particularly with the speculation that PJ will cancel to return to Seattle for a memorial for Kurt. 'Release' opens again, in total darkness. Ed brings up the lights to personally thanks two "girls" in the audience for standing up and dancing during Mudhoney's set. 'Glorified G' is dedicated to James Brady. Members of Aerosmith are in attendance, thus the tribute snippet of 'Sweet Emotion.' Ed comments on PJ's continued sadness about Kurt: "Hey,... I gotta admit, we got a lot on our minds. It is tough to play. I personally felt we shouldn't play at all. It is really very odd, it's just like that empty feeling. It is all right to fade away and not to burn out." 'Blood' is dedicated to Kurt. As an intro to 'Black' Ed sings a few lines from 'Stuff and Nonsense.' Ed starts off the encore by saying, "... you guys are actually almost making me happy tonight," and brings his brother, Brian out later to have the audience say hello.

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