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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Camden II 2003!!

The 2003 bootleg section has been updated with night 2 from Camdump New Jersey!! This one is available in both FLAC and MP3 versions. MP3s were converted at 320kbps. This was a super rockin' show. One of my favorite bootlegs. Always pisses me off that I didn't go but night one was great too. I missed "In My Tree"!! Oh well maybe this year! Enjoy the boot!

07/06/03 - Tweeter Center: Camden, NJ (Philadelphia, PA)
support act: Buzzcocks
preset: The Kids Are Alright (Ed solo)
set: Of The Girl, Breakerfall, Hail Hail, Save You, Grievance, Dissident, Immortality, I Am Mine, Get Right, Even Flow, In My Tree, Lukin/Not For You, Nothingman, You Are, Whipping, Porch enc 1: Jeremy, Elderly Woman, Better Man/(Save It For Later), Daughter/(War), Alive
enc 2: Do The Evolution, Fuckin' Up, Rockin' In The Free World
notes: The Buzzcocks' get an encore and Ed joins them for 'Why Can't I Touch It?' After the mellow opener, they rip through the next songs with no chat until after 'Save You,' when Ed refers to the crowd as "people of mass construction" and says the only fireworks will be the ones on the stage. 'Even Flow' is very long and avoids some of the sound quality problems that seemed to plague Mike's solo during Saturday's show. Ed speaks of freedom and how playing guitar like Mike is freedom. 'Porch' is excellent with Mike tearing it up. At the start of the encore, Ed asks how people are holding up and comments that the encore will be "all request," and the first two songs are played with dedications - 'Jeremy' is for Peter. The crowd waving their arms up and screaming the "hello!" part are so loud that Ed steps back in surprise, saying "Jesus Christ" softly. During 'Daughter,' Ed dons the Bush mask, dances to the beat and then busts out his best moonwalk across center stage. He changes the lyrics to "the bombs fall down" and then gets the 'War' chant going. Ed comments about high proportions of Riot Act sales in the Philly area, leading to a blistering 'DTE' (with lyrics changed to "this land WAS free") and 'Fuckin' Up.' (hmmmm) Steve from the Buzzcocks plays Ed's SG for 'RITFW.' Excellent show.

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Wendler said...

I can't believe they played in my tree that night. What are the dates of this years shows and will i be able to go to one with you? Let me know. Peguins up 2 games to love! Call or comment I will be blogging about the mothers day trip to Green Lane Later tonight!

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