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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Non Pearl Jam Bootlegs Section Added

The first addition to this section is Chris Cornell Unplugged in Sweden 9/7/2006. This is a fantastic performance from Chris with covers of Led Zeppelin, Elvis Costello and Michael Jackson! Yes... I did say Michael Jackson!! Also some great classics from Soundgarden and Temple of the Dog and of course Audioslave. "Wide Awake" from Audioslave's most recent and sadly last album, Revelations, is an extremely emotional and moving performance. Essentially a wake up call to the federal government and their handling of the hurricane Katrina disaster; this song takes on a whole new mood in this classic acoustic performance...

"Down on the road the world is floating by
The poor and undefended left behind
While you're somewhere trading lives for oil
As if the whole world were blind"

Visit the Other Bootlegs section to download this amazing gig and as always enjoy the music!!

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Wendler said...

I am going to need that Chris C stuff on my Ipod