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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Live & Unchained

The Other Bootlegs section has been updated with "Live & Unchained" an Alice in Chains bootleg from 1992/1993. The sound quality is awesome on this one. It's amazing that we used to have to pay $50+ for these things!! FLACs are up and MP3s will be posted soon! Enjoy!!

Alice in Chains - Live & Unchained 1992/93

Tracks 1-7 Live in the US 1993. Tracks 8-15 Los Angeles Palladium 1992.
1) Junkhead
3)Man in the Box
4) Real Thing
5) Lave, Hate, Love
6) Sea of Sorrow
7) Bleed the Freak
8) Sickman
9) It Ain't Like That
10) Put You Down
11) Would?
12) We Die Young
13) Under the Hill
14) Bleed the Freak
15) Man in the Box

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