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Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's Self Pollution Baby!!!

The 1995 bootleg section has been updated with the 1/08/1995 broadcast of Self Pollution Radio. This was broadcast out of home owned by Vedder and inludes live performances by Pearl Jam (included here) as well songs played from records over the radio (not included). Also included in the download is are jam sessions rom Soundgarden and Mad Season! Enjoy!
audience: millions?set 1: Spin the Black Circle, Satan's Bed, Corduroy, Not for You, Immortality
set 2: jam, Last Exit, Blood, Tremor Christ, Porch, Indifference
notes: This radio broadcast originated from a home owned by Ed and was relayed to any radio stations wanting to carry it. This show consisted, not only of the two live PJ sets listed above, but also other live bands (Mad Season and Mudhoney), friends, phone calls and a few records. Ed announces that Jack Irons is now PJ's drummer.
Pearl Jam
Self Pollution Radio
KTS 398 Liberated Bootleg
Title : "Self Pollution"
Label : Kiss the Stone [KTS 398]
Venue : The Spot: Seattle, WA 1/8/95
Length : 69:29
Sound : A+
Tracks :
1. Spin The Black Circle
2. Satan's Bed
3. Corduroy
4. Not for You
5. Immortality
6. Last Exit
7. Blood
8. Tremor Christ
9. Porch
10. Indifference
11. Soundgarden jam session
12. Mad Season jam session

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