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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Camden II 1998!

Ok tried something a bit different this time around. I actually took the time to listen to this boot before making it available here. Not sure what it was exactly... but I really enjoyed this show. First off, any show that opens with "long Road" is a winner in my book. This was a great version of that great opener though. I always thought "Long Road" into Corduroy, to open a show, is just awesome too! This was just a really rocking show and to top it off they busted out "Push Me Pull Me"! One of only three times played EVER! I saw that it was on the setlist before listening to the show and wasn't really expecting it to be that great. I was dead wrong. I was AMAZING! Very, very cool song. So the Camden, 8/29/1998, show is now available in the 1998 bootleg section! This is definately a very good show. The sound is probably a strong B to A-. The Two Feet Thick notes are below.

08/29/98 - Blockbuster Music Entertainment Centre: Camden, NJ [120m]attendance: 25,000
support act: Mudhoney, Iggy Pop
soundcheck: no soundcheck today
set: Long Road, Corduroy, Brain of J, Red Mosquito, In Hiding, Animal, Given to Fly, Lukin, Wishlist, MFC, Not for You, Alive, Nothingman, State of Love and Trust, Present Tense, Hail Hail, Jeremy, Do the Evolution
enc 1: Dissident, Even Flow, Better Man/(Save It For Later), Push Me Pull Me, Rearviewmirror
enc 2: Last Kiss, Rockin' in the Free Worldnotes: Ed's voice seems to be much better tonight. After 'GTF,' he says, "Hello, we're band number three; we're very fond of bands one and two; but we've never written a song about band number two, but we did at least about a member of band number one," and they launch into 'Lukin'. During 'SoL&T,' Mike takes his shirt off. For 'Present Tense,' Ed comments that he's been thinking about it lately, it's kind of weird in the present tense, there's a lot of crazy crap going on, but we're gonna play it anyway. In 'Hail Hail,' Ed changes the words to, "You can only be as good as I'll let you ..." 'DTE' is totally mangled (rather hilariously); instead of going into "I'm a thief, I'm a liar," Ed starts the whole thing over again from the first verse, and it tends to disintegrate again, but they salvage it in the end. 'Save it for Later' is extremely extended, and goes straight into the first playing (other than a tag) of 'Push Me Pull Me'! At the end, he says, "Fuck, I forget the rest ..." and yep, he forgets the lyrics at the very end. Stone applauds Jeff and Ed at the end. Ed refers to a show PJ played at JC Dobbs, a local Philly club [7/12/91]: "It sure has been a nice couple of nights, are we in Philly or Jersey - where the fuck are we?! Philadelphia? (and everyone goes nuts) This is an old song, it was written before we played at Dobbs (crowd cheers). There were only 30 or so people there, so quit lying!" and then they play 'Better Man.' 'RITFW': "There's a thousand points of light for the east coast man, there's a kinder, gentler security man's hand." Mike finishes the song rolling around on his back, putting his guitar down and shaking it wildly.

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