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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cleveland '98!!

The 1998 bootleg section has been updated with the 8/26/1998 show in Cleveland, OH!! The notes and setlist are below. Enjoy the show!!
attendance: 18,445
support act: Iggy Pop
soundcheck: Black Diamond [KISS song], Noise of Carpet (the whole song), Leatherman, Off He Goes, Red Mosquito (with Ed on harmonica at the end)
set: Hail Hail, Animal, Given to Fly, Corduroy, MFC, Immortality, Footsteps, Even Flow, Jeremy, In Hiding, Daughter/(My City Was Gone)/(WMA), Brain of J, Rearviewmirror, Better Man, Wishlist, Alive
enc 1: Elderly Woman, Do the Evolution, Leatherman, Black, Baba O'Riley
enc 2: Yellow Ledbetter
notes: Ed starts the show by arriving onstage via skateboard. 'Immortality' is renamed by people at the show as "Matt Fuckin' Cameron" due to his stellar work on this number. Ed notes, "... we're on our way to Philadelphia tomorrow ... and we haven't played there in a long time. We're going to have to get out of here early to be sure we get there in time ... it's a long drive." The crowd boos and Ed laughs and continues, "I'm just fuckin' with you. You like to be fucked with, right?" 'My City Was Gone' is by the Pretenders, who are from Ohio (Akron to be precise), and is a song about Cleveland. After 'Black,' Ed mentions that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is in Cleveland: "Earlier this evening, I know you've got a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame...we drove by it, I don't know who runs the place, but...those people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones..." Jeff interrupts, saying: "And where's the fucking Iggy exhibit, goddamn it!" Ed chuckles: "So what I was gonna say, was, it's right by the airport, but we're a lot closer tonight, having Iggy Pop here, standing right here ... let's just say next time we play here, it could be a year, maybe two...we hope, if it happens... if Iggy's not in yet, after the show, we're all gonna go down there and blow the place up...speaking of the hall of fame [he holds up a sign saying 'Baba'] - the WHO!" and the band busts into 'Baba O'Riley.' [The Stooges, Iggy's first band, were recently nominated to the HOF, but did not get in.] 'Wishlist' ends with the "radio song" verse, but instead of saying "I guess it never stops" he says "I guess it has to stop". Jeff comes out for 'Yellow Ledbetter' wearing a Cleveland Cavaliers jersey with Shawn Kemp's name and uniform number on the back.


Wendler said...

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