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Friday, February 29, 2008

Charleston 1996!!

The 1996 bootleg section has been update with the 10/5 show in Charleston, South Carolina!! Have I mentioned I fucking love No Code!! "Present Tense" and "In My Tree" in the same show and with Jack Irons on drums. The only thing that could make it better is throwing "Who You Are" in the mix. Enjoy the show!!
attendance: 9,000
support act: The Fastbacks
soundcheck: In My Tree, Off He Goes, Mankind
set: Sometimes, Last Exit, Animal, Go, Hail Hail, Dissident, In My Tree, Corduroy, Better Man, Not for You, Jeremy, Black, State of Love and Trust, Habit, Rearviewmirror, Elderly Woman, Alive, Blood/(Fame)
enc: Present Tense, Even Flow, Daughter, Improv, Off He Goes, Mankind, Whipping, Footsteps, Yellow Ledbetter
notes: The venue is smallish; the crowd and staff are kind and not killing each other here. PJ takes a while to warm up, not really smoking until midway into the show. During a pause near the end of 'Not for You,' Ed asks, "How we doin' so far?" (crowd cheers) "You don't seem so bad yourself." A rocking 'State' is intro'ed as "... a little number by request." During 'Habit,' Ed pauses, looks out and says, "Speaking as an individual in a band who has never been in this town before." Taking a break after 'Go,' Ed jokes about how when he was a kid he always thought seeing bands on the last night of a tour was great because they would be happy the tour is over and they would be "... drinking and dancing in the street, and they're playing really loud and it's gonna be a four-hour show ..." etc.; but he says that really the second to the last show is the best, and the crowd goes wild! With Ed's voice showing fatigue, he enlists audience assistance ("Want you ... HELP ME! ... in my ... rearviewmirror"). 'Present Tense' is explained as a song that Mike wrote great music for and Ed, when coming up with lyrics, "... needed anything ... anything to make me think. Just a starting point ... so I thought of Pete Townshend. I took his initials and this one is called 'Present Tense.'" Ed plays a brief improv (?) after 'Daughter,' about taking a drive to South Carolina and picking up his best friend.
(2,424k) --> 'Whipping' is dedicated to the crazy people in the front. The audience selects the next song via an "experiment in voting in November." The choices are 'Leash' ("kinda Bob Dole"), 'Leaving Here' (kinda Ross Perot) or 'Footsteps' ("that would be Bill Clinton"). 'Footsteps' is played. Ed's final comments are, "I don't know if it's easy to like this band, but we sure appreciate the fact that you do."


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