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Friday, November 30, 2007

Hartford 1998

This show was a request from someone over on the Message Pit and I happened to stumble upon it in my never ending search for Pearl Jam shows. This one certainly sounds like an interesting show as far as the crowd and security guard interaction. Any way the show notes from Two Feet Thick are below with the details. Go get Hartford, 9/13/1998 in the 1998 bootleg section!!
support act: Ben Harper
capacity: 35,000 (although capacity is 30,000)
set: Corduroy, Animal, Hail Hail, Given to Fly, I Got Shit, Go, Dissident, Tremor Christ, Daughter, Jeremy, Even Flow, Faithfull, MFC, Spin the Black Circle, Wishlist, Do the Evolution
enc: Brain of J, Breath, RVM, Better Man, Alive, Porch
notes: The security staff at this venue are horrible and pepper spray is smelled during the show. Ed messes up the 'Even Flow' lyrics in the exact same place for the fourth straight performance, asking the crowd for the lyrics. 'Faithfull' intro: "The next song is about belief. Don't get a tattoo of a guy's face unless he's dead so he can't fuck up. I was really proud of that Clinton tattoo ... Everyone raise your middle finger and yell, 'Get on with it!.'" At the start of the encore, many people in the crowd raise "thank you" signs (the thank you for PJ playing 'Breath the previous night) and Ed says, "Ah, so you all were in New York?" and makes a joke about how all of the Connecticut people must be in the back of the venue. 'Breath' is introduced as "one we haven't played in a while but it sounded pretty good last night" and they seem to really enjoy playing it. During, 'Alive,' the show takes a dramatic turn when Ed notices asshole security fucking with someone in the crowd (who is holding up a flashlight?) and Ed grabs Eric Johnson's flashlight and puts it on the security staff, displeased. He tells everyone to go dance in the aisles, and everyone rushes forward. There is a crush toward the front that continues through 'Porch.'

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