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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Another Leg Complete!!

The final two official shows from Pearl Jam's 2006 Pacific journey have been added to the 2006 bootleg section completing that leg of the tour. Added today were Perth 11/25 and Honolulu 12/02!! Both excellent looking shows! I've really got to get around to listening to some of these myself!!

I case you haven't visited the official Pearl Jam page lately a new piece of merchandise has been added for your buying pleasure. After several days of speculation it's been announced that a book detailing Pearl Jam's tour posters has been released. Looks like a pretty cool book but it will cost $50.00 and if you want the artist autographed addition be prepared to shell out $200.00. No not signed by the band... signed by the artists who designed the posters!

Hope you are all enjoying the music provided on this site. I will continue to upload the rest of the 2006 tour but have been gathering quite of few shows from the early days and will be throwing those in the mix as well.

Many of you may already know this but the creators of the fabulous site The Army Reserve have created a new site called Shut Your Mouth! that I would advise you all check out as well. See the links section to go there!


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