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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Three Shows Added to 2006 Section

The 2006 bootleg section has been updated with three amazing shows! An unofficial bootleg of the London, England show at Astoria from 4/20/06. This is a decent fan recording and a very good show. Also added were the San Diego show which features a super performance of "Long Road" along with the story behind the song told by Ed. L"Long Road" is followed by "Comeback" which is extremely fitting after you hear the story leading into "Long Road". Overall, an amazing show hailed as one of the best of the tour by many of the Pearl Jam faithful!

Show number three is Melbourne III. The Australian tour was absolutely awesome and this show is probably one of the best. The following are the show notes from Two Feet Thick:
TFT Notes: A slightly quicker tempo "Long Road" opened the show that began at 8:47 PM local time. Ed pushed his microphone and stand to his monitors with a thrust after the first verse of "Do The Evolution", then grabbed the mic cord and pulled on it hand over hand to get the mic back in time to sing verse two. Lyrical addition at end of "Dissident" is "Escape is never the safest path, but you gotta do it anyway!" During "Given To Fly", a cloud effect is created by the lights shining on the white screen that surrounds the stage behind Matt. GTF includes lyrical change: "Made it the ocean smoked a joint in a tree." Ed comments about the unseasonably cold weather in Melbourne by mentioning that although the band weren't allowed liquids on the plane, they did bring the Seattle weather with them. He thanked the crowd for filling the 15,000 seat arena for three nights, and that he hoped to play it with the roof open (the arena has a retractable roof as the venue is used for the Australian Open Tennis Championship), that they'd have to try it next time. He asked for help from the crowd for "Love Boat Captain" to aid his weary voice, telling them when he says "love" they should say "love". The crowd claps along with Ed and Boom in the beginning. For Matt's drum solo in "Even Flow", solid royal blue light fills the screen behind him. Ed tells each of the band members of a setlist change, and introduces "Sad" as a request from row ... correcting it to row 10 as he spotted the people with the sign. During the first verse of "Present Tense", the video screen shows a close up of Ed's hand, which he has positioned into the shape of a tree. When he says "tree bends", he slowly bends one of his finger "branches". The crowd strongly sings the end of the first chorus "makes much more sense to live in the present tense." Matt joins in on verse two with some tribal drumming using timpani mallets. On the quiet "cuz there is just you" verse of "Save You", the crowd claps a 1-2-1-2-3 beat the entire time. Ed hammers out 11 windmills to finish off "Rearviewmirror" and the main set at 10:05 p.m. Ed starts the first encore at 10:07 p.m. by telling the crowd "I reckon we ain't gonna be here for yonks" so the band would play a bunch more songs. The crowd were booing, and Ed wondered if it was because they wouldn't be back for a while or for his attempt to say it in "Australian". During "Black", Ed turned the mic around and let the crowd sing "I'm spinnin', Oh I'm spinnin". At songs end, Ed sings "Pull me up... pull me out ... We didn't belong together." Stone strums along, and for the entire end of the song repeatedly puts his leg in front of him and then pulls it back, then bending at the waist and pointing to the floor in time with the music. Lyrical change on "State of Love and Trust": "I don't trust myself ... myyyyyself." During "Alive" a mirror ball bathes the crowd as everyone sings "Oh I, Oh I'm still alive", and after the "yeah yeah yeah yeah" at songs end, Ed climbs up behind Boom and stands behind him with his hands on Boom's shoulders while he plays the song out, hugging him from behind. Ed jumps off, landing pretty hard on his back, rolling over and lays there for a minute to recover before "Rockin' in the Free World". Ed seemed a little unsteady, and got two tambourines just toward the very end of the song to give out.

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