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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

More 2006 FLACs coming soon!!

We are in the process of getting a lot more 2006 shows available in FLAC format for your enjoyment. Please voice your opinion in the poll to the right to let us know which of those European shows you would like to see next here on ITPT. Thanks and check back soon for more downloads!! Peace.


jaymz69 said...

I uploaded another show I bought some time ago ie from san sebastian 2000--its quite easily available in europe but still sb may be interested..care to put it up?
using the chance Ill quote my comment from 2003 section
'in sydney 2003-02-11 flac 5 package contains the same files as flac 4--any chance for correction?
by the way Id also like to repeat my plea for ljubjana flac 3 re-up'

llq said...

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