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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Camden, NJ 7/5/2003

The 7/5/2003 show from Camden has been added to the 2003 Bootleg section! Another fun show form this tour which I was fortunate enough to attend with my brother and our wives! Sweet opener with "Can't Keep" and then its just full throttle into blistering versions of "Brain of J", "Save You", and "Do the Evolution"!! We were suprised with "Rockin in the Free World" midway through the main set when the Philadelphia 4th of July fireworks started to go off and the boys decided to drop some "fireworks music" for us! Other highlights for me included "Breath", which is always awesome to see, and "Down", which is a Riot Act B-side that should have made the album in my opinion. Enjoy the show!!

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