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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More fresh 2006 links

The 2006 bootleg page has a whole new look and has a few new bootleg links as well. Eventually going to move to this same layout with all of the bootleg sections but it's probably going to take quite a bit of time. I want to get each show down to just two links. One for each disc in FLAC format and then possibly put up MP3 links as well but those can be found on other sites if that's what you're really after.

Check out the new page layout and let me know what you think. The shows added today are:

05-12-2006 Albany, New York
05-13-2006 Hartford, CT
05-16-2006 Chicago, Illinois

Albany is likely the shortest set played on this entire tour but it's a great, blistering set. Definitely don't skip it just because the set list is a bit short on songs. Give it a chance and I'm certain you'll like what you hear.

Enjoy the shows and thanks for stopping by!

Here's a video sample of "Sad" from Albany. One of my favorite songs. No idea how it ended up being a "Lost Dog".

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