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Friday, September 19, 2008


The 1994 bootleg section has been updated with the March 13th show in Chicago! The show is available in both FLAC and MP3. Two Feet Thick notes are provided below:

03/13/94 - New Regal Theater: Chicago, IL [140m]
attendance: 2,500
support act: The Frogs, Magic Slim and the Teardrops
set: Oceans, Go, Last Exit, Once, Even Flow, Rats, State of Love and Trust, Breath, Glorified G, Daughter/(You're in My Body improv)/(WMA), Animal, Not for You, Elderly Woman, Alive, Improv (I'm All Alone), Spin the Black Circle
enc 1: Hard to Imagine, Yellow Ledbetter, Rearviewmirror, Alone, Black/instrumental jam/Porch/(Tearing)
enc 2: Angel
notes: Ed joins The Frogs in 'I Only Play for Money.' Suffering from a cold and clutching a Kleenex box, he advises, "Don't drink when you're sick ... and don't get sick when you drink. Advice for the kids." He introduces 'Animal' as it being about Jeff "taking on the Chicago Bulls." During 'Porch,' he climbs up to the balcony (of this ornate old theater and takes a flying leap. The crowd seems to instantly envelop him, then back away a little bit and he's laying on the floor in the aisle completely limp. The is jamming along not even really watching, but when he doesn't immediately get up, Jeff gets a really concerned look on his face and scans the crowd for a sign of Ed. Eventually, two security guys go into the crowd and grab Ed, who is still limp, and literally drag him back to the stage, depositing him in a pile behind the mic stand. Everyone is going nuts and after about 60 tense seconds of Ed laying in a heap, he begins to move, swaying to the groove. He gets to his knees grooving; unsteadily to his feet, grooving, hair a pulsating mass. And them wham! "Hear my name, take a good look," and the capacity crowd literally roars in unison. As an encore, he returns on a skateboard with Dave, who accompanies him on guitar on the rarely played 'Angel,' closing the show.

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