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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mansfield MP3s are up!

The 2008 bootleg section has been updated with the Mansfield show on 6/28/2008! This is one of two audience recordings I've found of this show. Not sure which is the better recording yet. After I listen to both I may update the link to the better of the two. This show is available in MP3 only at the moment. I'll get FLAC links up soon I hope. Enjoy!

Tweeter Center

Set 1
Hard To Imagine, Why Go, Hail Hail, Comatose, Low Light, Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town, Corduroy, Faithfull, Off He Goes, Given To Fly, Down, I'm Open, I Got Id, Even Flow, Do The Evolution, Once, Rearviewmirror
Encore 1
Love Reign O'er Me, Come Back, Insignificance, Black, Better Man(Save it for Later)
Encore 2
No More, State Of Love And Trust, Alive

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