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Monday, April 7, 2008

Bootleg Update!!

Alright it's been a while since we had bootleg update on the site but we're back in business today! Thank my brother for the push! Anyway, the 2004 bootleg section has two updates today with the brief set Pearl Jam performed at the Westin Hotel in Seattle on 4/9/04 for the Impact Awards ceremony and the St. Louis VFC show!! The vote for change shows are fitting for the political climate in the states these days. We desperately want change. By we I mean the people of course. We want peace. We want a clean environment. We want to listen to Pearl Jam whenever the fuck we want! OK so we can do that but there is a sense of restriction here like I've never felt before. All we get fed is bullshit on the idiot box about Paris Hilton and Britney Spears and politic dipfucks stickin' it to $4000/hr hookers! Meanwhile gas is through the roof, our soldiers are still killing and dying in Iraq 5 years later over bullshit and the douchbags in DC have their eyes set on Iran next!!

Then you have the three smiling fuck bags running for president one of which is spouting empty promises about "change". Change what?!! We're going to pull out of Iraq and just let other nations come in and secure Iraq's oil?? Yeah right Barack!! Don't be fooled... he's just as much a part of the establishment as the rest of them! Then you have McCain. I'll give him one thing at leats he's being honest with us. He's already said we'll be in Iraq for 100 years. Woohoo!! Things are lookin' up! Then there's the robot they call Hillary. Sorry can't do it. This bitch is well beyond full of shit!! She thinks she can provide nation healthcare for 350 million people without breaking the bank (which is already pretty fucked by the way) and without raising taxes. Ha!!

OK sorry. I've probably offended just about everyone that visits here now. I'm just a bit pissed at this country right now. We've let corporations take over and we've let spoon feed us our candidates for too long!! The people that want to make real change happen in this country get little to no press coverage while these same ass kissing schmucks get shoved up our ass all day long!! Here is a sense of what we are up against in this country. These are the people that want to rule the world and they are working everyday to acheive that goal. Read some of the shit they propose and you'll be sitting there with your jaw on the floor.

Back to the real purpose of this site now. THE MUSIC!! Thank God for the music... it keeps me sane... well almost.

Visit the 2004 Bootlegs section too get these shows:
04/09/04 - Westin Hotel: Seattle, WA (2nd Annual IMPACT Awards)
set: Last Soldier, Down, 1/2 Full
notes: Pearl Jam is among four artists receiving IMPACT Awards from the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Recording Academy for extraordinary contributions to local music. The band is dressed to the nines and Jeff is sporting a deep tan (most likely from his birthday climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro). They perform a very brief, electric set. Stone gives the acceptance speech. 'Patriot' is included on the written setlist as an encore but is not played.
**This download includes Stone's acceptance speach among a few other things.

10/05/04 - Fox Theatre: St. Louis, MO [150m] (Vote for Change Tour)
attendance: approx 4,500
support act: Gob Roberts, Death Cab for CutieEd's
pre-set: Last Kiss
set: Love Boat Captain, Last Exit, Animal, Save You, The American in Me, Corduroy, Immortality, Alone, Jeremy, In My Tree, Wishlist, Rearviewmirror
enc 1 (acoustic): I Am A Patriot (Ed solo), Man Of The Hour, Elderly Woman, Off He Goes, All Or None, Black
enc 2: The Seeker, Do The Evolution, State Of Love And Trust, Better Man/(Save It For Later), The New World (w/Tim Robbins), Fortunate Son
enc 3: Yellow Ledbetter
notes: PJ makes a return to the Fabulous Fox Theatre, a beautiful, acoustically sound venue, after ten years. Ed is wearing a brown shirt with Bush's face on it that says "Expires Nov '04." After 'Corduroy,' Ed says, "It's about time this group played a classy joint!" (in comparison to the prior arenas). 'Alone' again catches many off guard and Ed's vocals are nearly spot on with the original recordings but the harmonies are missing, filled by guitarwork. 'Wishlist' has the "I wish I was the president ..." tag and includes some language about Dick Cheney and how you can't sacrifice the lives of American men and women for a war that appears to be profit driven ... "it will be Dick Cheney who is not forgiven." This leads to a well-received and strong 'RVM,' concluding the first set. Upon returning, there is a toast to St. Louis and one to the whole state with some discussion about how only 1/3 of those between 18 and 22 vote and a plea to register and vote and that they don't really care how people vote. Ed says actually they do care ("That's why we're here ...") and that leads to a lovely 'Patriot' with just Ed and his guitar. 'MOTH' is dedicated to Johnny Ramone, really lovely and a nice showcase for Ed's deep range. 'Elderly Woman' includes a bauble (Ed notes, "I fucked up") and he could tell since the crowd was singing along. 'Off He Goes' is beautiful and 'All Or None' again seems to be a bit lost on the crowd (and it would be nice to see Mike go a bit longer on the ending solo). Ed turns the end of 'Black' over to the crowd and it is a nice finish to the acoustic set. The next set begins with the normally quiet Stone talking quite a bit, thanking St. Louis and reminding people it is important to vote. Very solid set follows with so much excitement during 'DTE' that someone in the front of the balcony nearly falls. A brief, cheerful band huddle follows and they go with Mike's selection of 'SOLAT' to keep the momentum going. 'Wishlist' slows things down but has a solid 'Save It For Later' tag with some "please vote" lyrics intermingled. During 'The New World,' Tim Robbins and Ed square off and slam into each other (you can guess who won ... not Ed; Tim is tall!). The fun continues into a high spirited 'Fortunate Son.' Ed toys with the Bush mask a bit but there is no 'Bushleaguer.' 'YL' finishes, featuring a short 'Star Spangled Banner' tag by Mike.

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Wendler said...

That is a sound off!!!!!!! Politices suck! They all lie and have a hidden agenda! It is a shame when so many people are effected, Iraq War!? You did forget to mention the Heads of the oil companies. Next time! It also sounds like you need to get out! BEEF!