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Friday, March 14, 2008

Atlanta '94 MP3's and a 2000 Update!!

Now available in the 1994 bootleg section are 320kbps MP3's of the 4/3/1994 show at the Fox Theater in Atlanta! Ed's radio broadcast after the show is included. Enjoy!

Also updated is the 2000 bootleg section with the 8/10/00 West Palm Beach gig in FLAC!! As always with the 2000 bootlegs this one sounds fantasitic. Enjoy the show!

08/10/00 - Mars Music Amphitheatre: West Palm Beach, FL
support act: Sonic Youth
set: Of The Girl, Breakerfall, Corduroy, MFC, Once, Animal, God's Dice, Given To Fly, Evacuation, Pilate, Daughter/(WMA)/(On A Rope)/(Androgynous Mind), Even Flow, Wishlist, Timeless Melody, Off He Goes, Better Man/(Save It For Later), Nothingman, Leatherman, Porch
enc 1: Last Exit, Do The Evolution, Black, Crazy Mary, I Got Shit, Last Kiss, Baba O'Riley
enc 2:Yellow Ledbetter
notes: Before 'Pilate,' Ed has the lights put on someone in the 15th row, saying "... he was the only guy fully rocking out to Sonic Youth ... I love you," and he makes a reference to him coming back to his hotel room later. He continues, "This next song was named after a 12-foot eagle ray that was spotted off the coast of West Palm ... oh, it's the next song - sorry" (and that song turns out to be 'Even Flow' and he further explains that the ray is a member of the shark family). The 'On a Rope' snippet within the 'Daughter' tag is a Rocket from the Crypt song. Ed goes off on a little story about how no one knows much about 'Timeless Melody' and how it was written by the La's "... out of England in the mid 80s ... the words are great." Ed holds the last note in 'Better Man' for what seems like forever. During 'Porch' Ed appears to be lighting, or attempting to light, the cork on his wine bottle; he then takes the cork and blacks out under and above his eyes, and across his nose. To finish off the song, Ed slams the mic stand on the stage. Introducing 'I Got Shit,' Ed says, "Here's one we like to do with Neil Young, but we like to call him 'Young Neil'." Introducing 'LK,' he says, "This is a little sing along ... pretend we got a big campfire and pretend that no one's dead." Introducing 'Baba,' Ed indicates that the audience should be doing some singing on this one. Stone has a good night tonight, and Mikey is a maniac, really going for it with a very extended ending to 'YL,' breaking into Van Halen's 'Dance the Night Away'. The audience is MUCH better than the previous night.

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