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Monday, August 27, 2007

2nd Vic Recording Added

Another audience recording of Pearl Jam's Vic Theater performance has surfaced and has been added to this site. I've created a page, Vic Theater 2007, dedicated to this show and both recordings are available there in FLAC format!

Both of these recordings are very good. I could not decide which I liked best so I figured I may as well share them both. Such an amazing performance!! "Education" is absolutely killer live. Never would have thought it could be so good! Then there is the crowd singing along to every word of every rarity played which is just sick! Listen to "In Hiding" and tell me you don't get chills. Every fan needs this performance!

Two More 2006 Shows Added
Many thanks to Jaymz69 for providing links to the Prague, Czech Republic show in FLAC format! Really appreciate the contribution!

Also added the Zagreb, Croatia show to the 2006 bootleg section! Enjoy


jaymz69 said...

glad to be of service
however since you finally responded [:)))] Id like to restate my plea for flac 3 of ljubljana which has expired

BrainofAJW said...

I know... I did reply to your other comment. I must have deleted the link in megaupload when I was doing some cleanup. I have to root through some archive data DVDs to locate the file again. I'll get it up soon :)

llq said...

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